The Surface of the SUN.....

....would be a pleasant respite to the heat wave that our area is currently experiencing.

Additionally, we are especially lucky to have significant power outages. Thankfully, our personal home did not lose power, however, a large chunk of US-1 is powerless, making driving anywhere an exciting adventure. Who needs traffic lights anyway, I say.

Also, this weather is totally frustrating for me on an entirely different level, as I am currently responsible for a very small person, who is new to this universe, and who cannot reasonably be taken out in 100+ degree weather. So despite the appearance of sunny loveliness, I am trapped in the house, singing children's songs to a small, bored, person. And frankly? I am running out of songs. Soon she will have to make do with various Broadway show tunes. Memories....all A-loooooone in the Mooooonlight.......!

Today's project: The Pink Sweater Project persists, but has taken a rather alarming turn. I think I am running out of yarn. I am not sure what to do. I may have to cannabalize a hat I knitted out of the same yarn as a sample. But that would be a HUGE inconvenience.

Today's life observation: I have no observation. As I observed nothing. As I was in the house all day. And for the record: you do NOT want me to comment on the limited number of things I did observe.