Long time. No post. Much knitting.

OK. So, sorry about the lack of posting. Not that many people are reading this. But, still, my deepest apologies. The wee one and I have been making many social calls, and attending to various family obligations.

Not to gloss over the last several months, but rather, it makes more sense to just look forward. And specifically, to look forward to one of my favorite days: Halloween.

I have had the Halloween costume for my first child planned for approximately 7 years. I realize that this may seem, shall we say, excessive to most people, but in the words of a great man "I have a dream". And I am quite proud to say, I have made that dream come true. This will probably be one of the few pictures I will post of my wee one, but I could not resist.


I have only recently unveiled this exciting costume, and I must say, it has received a great deal of critical acclaim.

Indeed, we were at a birthday party today, and my wee strawberry was quite a hit. Particularly with the birthday girl, who we adore. [Shout out to G! Creator of the infamous and useful phrase "No, no. No no no [with finger wagging]"]. And, in all fairness, the birthday girl was herself pretty awesome in a Yoda costume. She is two. And all-wise in the ways of the Jedi.

Today's project: A curly scarf to take a break from baby knitting (So many babies on the way! Only one Thisbe!). Technically it is crocheted, but whatever.

Today's life observation: A two-year old will really eat anything. Anything. Including a star-shaped candle. Happy Birthday G!