Um. Yeah. About the blogging....

OK. So, Thisbe has gotten a little behind on the posting.

We blame Facebook.

You all know what we are talking about. The seductive format of knowing what 90 of your closest friends are doing (thanks to status updates) at any given moment with the merest click of a mouse? Overwhelming.

However, with the recent addition of high school pictures of Thisbe [Thisbe will pause here while you all go take a look. And yes. Thisbe looks stupid. Enjoy. Laugh away. All of you readers are on facebook too, and if you think it won't happen to you? You are very, sadly, mistaken.]; Thisbe is much less enamored of the facebook scene. It is like going to your favorite cafe and realizing that now there is a lame poetry reading there every day. Or a crappy band. But we digress.

So, yeah, facebook started the lack of blogging, but then it was exacerbated by the following (in no particular order):

1) Working at a summer program part-time in July. For a variety of reasons it was exhausting. Enough said.

2) The inordinate amount of family time the Thisbe family had this summer. Thisbe thinks that she has not spent this much time with her family or PBB's family (or any family) since she was in high school.

3) Traveling, attendant to the family visiting-ness.

4) Summer is the time when PBB, in all his glory, is the head of the Summer Associate Program at his firm. This requires Thisbe to step up and be Adorable Charming Wife, and host a large party at her house, and attend a series of events. At all of these events Thisbe must be witty and charming and adorable. And although Thisbe *is* witty and charming and adorable, um, she is not all of these things all of the time. And she can often be cranky and hostile and off-putting, so this sort of thing is also time consuming and exhausting.

5) The WK had her first bout with the stomach flu. It was hideous. Hands are shaking merely remembering the week of the "bad noise". No more can be said. For Thisbe's mental health.

And the list continues, but these were some of the main issues.


1) MEMG is now a member of PBB's firm.

2) [broken sobbing] The Little Blonde moved back to her Ancestral Homeland.

3) WK is working on the potty training. She knows most of the words to Livin' on a Prayer. She also routinely refers to PBB & Thisbe by their first names. {WK: "Thisbe! Just chill out!" Thisbe: [to self] Are you KIDDING ME with this?]

4) Thisbe and PBB are each a year older.

OK. More regular posting to resume. Promise

Today's Project: All knitting. All the time.

Today's Life Observation: It doesn't have to be a scary dream to be a nightmare.