Karma. She is a B*TCH

So, the ticket line continues to frustrate me practically to the point of homicidal rage.

Indeed, I received EIGHT separate email and phone messages regarding one ticket order, and it was a miracle that this ticket holder did not receive tickets for the February 29th performance, located in our Baghdad theater, if you get my drift.

However, all of my negative ticket karma has come back to bite me, as I am now on hold with [scary music] the U.S. Passport office. PBB & I are taking the wee kraken to Canada for her first Passover, and we checked all of the online regulations, and applied well in advance of our trip, but our trip is fast approaching, and (surprise, surprise, surprise).....no wee kraken passport.**

So I am frantically attempting to figure out how the heck we are going to get to Canada, and/or get her a passport, and cursing the stupid government for messing with us about this, since it is a new regulation that went into effect a mere 6 weeks ago, after we applied for her passport. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

**Applying for a passport for an infant is kind of hilarious. You have to fill out the form as if she is a quasi-adult being, and fill out boxes that say things like "Occupation". What do you put for that? Drooling? Playing with a blue plastic ring? Peek-a-boo? Also, when they took the picture, it was hysterical. Her tiny little head and complete confusion. If we ever actually get the passport, it will be pretty funny.

Today's Project: All knitting has been abandoned in favor of the stupid tickets and passport issues.

Today's Life Observation: Just hug the people you love and tell them that you love them.


Welcome to December

Nooooooo....wait a sec.....that's *right*! It is actually March 16!

Apparently, Mother Nature came out of her drug-induced haze or drinking binge, or whatever it was that made it so that we had NO snow in December, and 70 degree weather in January, and realized that she better get cracking if we were going to have a good old fashioned storm before spring is officially here.

So now, we are getting 6 ish inches of snow and ice. Lucky, lucky, us.

And also, lucky, lucky Thisbe, who has been at rehearsal every freaking night until 11 this week, and then had to drive home for 40 minutes, only to have the opening night of our show cancelled.*


On the plus side? In the words of the well-known children's author Barbara Boynton "It's PAJAMA time".

*As you can imagine, in addition to the general bummer that is the cancellation of opening night, being the ticket person when a full audience is calling to ask about their tickets for tonight? FUN.

Today's Project: MBP #1 needs to be finished, but Thisbe just does not have the energy.

Today's Life Observation: Snow is a lot less fun in March.


The hours creep on apace....

There will probably be several late night Thisbe posts this week.

I keep coming back from rehearsal ALL WOUND UP and I can't sleep.

It does not help that recently I am actually having nightmares about the tickets. Last night I dreamt that one of the little ladies followed me to a resort on vacation and accosted me while I was swimming to ask where her tickets were. Thisbe's subconscious? Not terribly subtle.

As I was standing onstage tonight, watching the action from a parapet, I was thinking that I would really like a part where I get a solo. This is probably too enterprising, but still. It might be nice. I get kind of fidgety in the chorus and tend to cause trouble with the other chorus women. Lead roles keep me from distracting other people with my antics.

On a completely unrelated note, PBB confirmed today that all four of our koi perished in a tragic pond motor incident (i.e. the pond motor ceased to function). We are terribly sad, as we had them for almost 3 years, and we were particularly fond of the large bluish silver koi who had a very neat flowy tail. R.I.P. Koi. Your lives were not lost in vain, as we have replaced the motor.

Today's Project: Still finishing MBP #1 -- it will be a couple of weeks, but I am getting there.

Today's Life Observation: I am staying up WAY too late.


So. FREAKING. Tired.

Ah tech week. How I did not miss you.

So, it is tech week for my show. Tonight's rehearsal included a lot of standing around, and then a lot of running across varied level platforms waving around a banner and then an axe.

I *know* I am going to trip and fall, and hurt myself, and there will be Thisbe blood gushing everywhere, and it will be most unfortunate. Tell the wee kraken that I love her!

Notable also with this show are the clutch of little ladies, who, while they are senior citizens, still love to perform. And in that sense, they are inspirational. I hope I am still spry enough in my late 70s to be wearing armor and wielding a battle axe (true story).

On the other hand, the little ladies find the choreography extremely challenging, and, to use a phrase from the Little Blond, getting them to do stuff is like herding ducks. Ducks who think that younger people are not polite enough these days, and don't respect their elders.

Also, the majority of people attending the show are the friends of the little ladies, and they are a handful too. Thisbe is in charge of tickets, and if one more little lady calls the ticket line while Thisbe is at rehearsal, and then calls back 47 more times (getting increasingly indignant each time because her call has not been answered), and leaving crochety messages, Thisbe will be forced to have a nervous breakdown and scatter the tickets all over the parking lot while singing and dancing.

Also? Thisbe does NOT hand deliver tickets, little ladies. NOT. Thisbe is NOT a delivery service of any kind. Geez.

Sigh. Tomorrow we are supposed to wear our costumes. Thisbe can only imagine the sort of chaos this will entail. On the plus side, AXES people! Thisbe gets to wave around an axe! And look menacing! (Well, as menacing as is possible for the relatively small person that is Thisbe).

Today's Project: Finishing up the MBP! The baby has arrived! Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Little Blond & Baby Blond!

Today's Life Observation: People individually can be smart. People as a group? Generally stupid.


To market, to market...

...if ONLY to buy a fat pig.

I wish.

No. I go to market, to apparently be accosted by crazy people.

I admit. When I first realized that I would be at home a lot more (what with the kraken) and would be primarily responsible for grocery shopping duties, I was highly concerned. I am perfectly capable of navigating the grocery store, however, I was not interested in finding out the answer to the question I had posed so many times:

Q: Seriously. Who is shopping in the grocery store at 1:30 on a weekday?

A: Other stay-at-home moms, elderly men and women, and weird looking guys who appear to work the third shift and have the perpetually glazed look of zombies.

Into these larger categories there are subcategories, all having to do with particular mental tics, (e.g. the woman who inspects her car (really) if you just walk past it with a cart; the woman who doesn't check to see if anyone is pulling into the parking space next to her before flinging her door open as widely as she can, the myriad of people who drive aimlessly through the parking lot, as though they were the only car there.)

No matter how careful, or non-threatening I am, these people find me and I end up afraid and disgruntled every freaking time.

It is now clear to me why online grocery shopping is just so darn popular. It is clearly much safer.

[On the plus side, the wee kraken LOVES the grocery store. It is Disneyland to her. Today she was yelling so loudly with glee that I actually had to stop and explain to her that grocery stores are not for yelling. She looked at me as though I was insane. Which, based on the other patrons, was a fair assessment.]

Today's Knitting Project: MBP #1. I will finish it. Oh YES I will.

Today's Life Observation: The older and crappier the car, the more reckless the driver.