Bear with me...

...for a moment, while I write a post that is all sorts of doting about the WK.

This weekend, the WK learned how to sing.

As a major singer, you can only imagine Thisbe's glee when from behind the couch I heard her teeny wee voice singing (over and over) "Op-em shu dem" (Open, shut them).

Seriously. Cutest thing ever. Sorry, I know I am being a big dorky Mommy. But there it is.

Also, today she learned how to sing the "E-i-e-i-o" part of Old McDonald.

I will be teaching her "With Cat-like Tread" tomorrow. I am sure her daddy will be thrilled.*

AND, on today's walk, we saw a dog, who was quite friendly and was letting the WK pet him, and was licking her enthusiastically in return.**

We see dogs a lot, and we have petted dogs before. As previously mentioned, the WK is *very* fond of dogs, but for some reason, today, she was practically apoplectic with excitement. We have never heard her laugh so hard. It was fantastic.

*In a sick ironic life twist (for him), PBB does not like Gilbert & Sullivan.

**Spare me the emails about letting a dog lick the WK. It was a very well-kept, clean dog, and it was licking her toes.

Today's Project: Watch this space for an exciting announcement regarding a special knitting venture

Today's Life Observation: Sk8er Boi is back. But if he keeps on getting up to skate at 7:30am? Then he's not back for long.


A weekend of things....

Beginning my 100 things, to be exact.

Thisbe's 100 things now reside here.

Come and visit. The list countdown has begun! Due to the lame list capacity of eblogger, I will temporarily just be identifying items as completed, hopefully strikethrough capacity will arrive soon.

Anyway. This weekend, the Thisbe family went on the road, to visit the Weef family, meet Miss Sophie, and head on down to the City of Brotherly Love.

An excellent weekend was had by all (particularly the WK, who scored a new Cookie Monster toy, courtesy of the Weefs, and got a ton of attention, and got out of bed VERY early, so she could poke her Mommy and Daddy in the eyes while they were still trying to sleep a little).

So check it out!

Today's Project: MBP #2 is done, and has been gifted. MBP #1 is soooo close.

Today's Life Observation: Children do not like to eat vegetables. At all.


S*x and the Psychiatric Ward

Seen the new commercial for Sarah Jessica Parker's latest fragrance, Covet? No? You're lucky. The psychotic look in her eyes at the end of it will haunt me for years to come. (Also, why would someone break into a museum to get perfume wearing a couture ball gown?) SJP! We love you! Get the help you so desperately need!

Today's Project: Nearing simultaneous completion of MBP #1 & #2

Today's Life Observation: Any day someone helps you clean the house is a good day.


Hellllllllloooooooo Kitty!

Yesterday, in celebration of PBB's upcoming birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY PBB!), we went out to dinner with the WK & his parents. We sat outside (we were the only ones at the restaurant who did) and after dinner PBB took the WK for a little walk near the restaurant.

About 5 minutes later he brought her back, crying hysterically. We all wanted to know what happened.

According to PBB, they had walked by a small creek a few hundred feet away and suddenly the WK became *very* excited and starting squealing and pointing to something in the creek. PBB initially thought it was a cat. But it was not. It was a raccoon. WK was waving furiously at it and saying "Peas! Peas!" (Please, please) desperate to go over and pet it.

PBB hightailed it out of there, much to her chagrin.

Today's Project: MBP #2 (#1 is completely done! Just sewing it together!)

Today's Life Observation: August is WAY too hot.