Shopping is LOVE.

So, shout out to the Little Blonde for alerting me to an AWESOME sale here today.

I was able to go to an actual physical place for the sale, and got some fantastic things for much less than their original prices (even less than the sale prices on the website).

Indeed, I am wearing the "inside-out jacket (in charcoal)" *right now*! It could not be softer or cozier. Me and Eva Longoria! Shop at the same place! Sort of!

Sorry. I am overwhelmed with shopping giddiness.

Today's project: Got held up on the last sleeve of Pink Sweater Project #2. Will finish it (Oh YES I WILL) tomorrow or die trying.

Today's life observation: Music truly does soothe the savage beast (or wee kraken).



To: My Street
From: Thisbe
Re: Holiday Light Decorations

Dear Neighbors,

Happy Holidays! We in the Thisbe household wish you and your families the best this holiday season, and in the upcoming New Year. In the spirit of the season, we would like to send some heartfelt wishes regarding your holiday decorations, as follows:

1) We wish you would follow the tried-and-true adage that "more is less" or the equally compelling "more is not better" or whatever your mother told you regarding "too much" of anything. Because we are going slightly blind from the sheer wattage of your collective holiday cheer.

2) We wish you would stick with all-white lights (which is, of course, a personal preference thing),** but if you must go with colored lights, we wish they were the wee tiny lights, rather than the largish, 60-watt style lights, which are causing Thisbe to almost drive off the road every time she sees them.

3) We wish we did not have to mention giant inflatable holiday decorations. Indeed, we wish they had never been created. But since someone has a very twisted sense of humor, we wish you would not egg them on by purchasing such decorations and putting them on your lawn. You're better than that.

4) Most importantly, we REALLY REALLY REALLY wish you would leave the animated light-up reindeer at the mall/store/gates of Hades. We can't prove it, but we are pretty sure that they are watching us, and it is creeping us OUT.

Love, The Thisbe Family

PS. Please accept our holiday wishes in the spirit in which they were intended, of good cheer, understanding that holiday lights/decorations are a bit of a pet peeve for us, and we are just poking a bit of good fun at them. In no way are we intending to disparage Christmas, or anyone's enjoyment or celebration thereof. We are not interested in receiving posts about how we are mean-spirited Grinches who hate Christmas. We do not, and we are supportive of the celebration of all winter holidays. Happy Festivus! And, Relax.

**Specifically, we wish you would stick with single-strand white lights rather than the very drippy lights, or the nets of lights, both of which are less visually stunning than you might think to the average viewer, but again, to each his own.

Today's Project: Rows away from completion of the pink sweater project. Also working on a black and silver shawl.

Today's Life Observation: Bad morning shower = VERY bad day.


Howdy Neighbors!

[Thisbe notes that she has not posted for some time. Mea culpa. I have no good excuse, except that I didn't have much to say]

So it appears as though we have not one, but two sets of new neighbors.** There have been no sightings of the actual neighbors, but several sightings of their moving trucks and several furtive, drive-by or peering-through-my-window efforts to catch a glimpse of them.

I am not sure about the protocol on the whole "go introduce yourself and be neighborly" thing that I feel that I should do. Am I required to bring a baked good or casserole? (Thisbe is not keen on baking or cooking). Do I need to bring PBB with me? Should I just go with the wee kraken?

I am sure there is some kind of Emily Post procedure, but.......whatever. I think we'll wait until 1) The neighbors are sighted on one of the furtive drive-bys or 2) Saturday, when PBB is home.

**This development is particularly interesting in light of the fact that one set of neighbors is replacing the family which contained our affectionately nicknamed "Loud Guy", a man who was nice, but both a close AND loud talker. Suffice to say, when PBB had a headache so severe that we had to take him to the emergency room (he's fine), who was there? Loud Guy.

Today's Project: Pink sweater project #2 is almost complete! I have only 1 sleeve to go!

Today's life observation: Retail therapy. Goooooooood.