I'm UP!

Earlier this evening, Thisbe drank a Diet Coke.

It is now 2:15 am. Thisbe is WIDE AWAKE. Because Thisbe forgot the cardinal rule of drinks: no caffeine.

In a desperate attempt to get tired, Thisbe went to the alumni site for her high school.

Several interesting things to note:

1) Exactly ONE of Thisbe's high school friends is registered on the alumni site. Someone Thisbe no longer talks to. All remaining friends (like Thisbe) appear to totally disdain the site.

2) Many of the people in Thisbe's graduating class have children now (not surprising).

3) Many of the people in Thisbe's graduating class who have children felt the need to post pictures of those children on their profiles. Let's just say, it was a better choice for some people than for others.

4) At least one person who Thisbe went to high school with posed for Playboy, but may well have changed her mind about whether that was a good idea as she now has an uber-Christian blog.

5) Quite a few of the registered alumni are unmarried.

6) The unmarried alumni do not appear to be part of the unbelievably geeky crowd (aka Thisbe & her friends), rather, many of them were part of the "popular" crowd. Could they have [gasp] peaked in high school? Heh.

7) Sadly, (really) at least three classmates (of the 48 registered) have gotten divorced. [Thisbe knows this because of the way their profiles have changed over the last several years].

8) Thisbe has spoken to exactly ONE person on the list of 48 people from her graduating class in the last 7 years. And only because she ran into this person during a visit to the Ancestral Home.

Thisbe is not sure what any of this means, but is sure of one thing: No more diet coke.

Today's Project: Wristies, wristies, wristies

Today's Life Observation: Writer's strike? Bad for Thisbe's TV. WRITERS! PLEASE FIX!


Fitness Death Star

Recently, Thisbe's gym has been the subject of a great deal of rumor and innuendo.

According to the Senior Citizen Posse (SCP) that hangs out at the gym when Thisbe works out, the gym is about to be taken over by Planet Fitness.

This is a situation of grave concern at the gym.

The SCP is upset because Planet Fitness is known for having only machines and no classes.

Without classes the SCP has no reason to come to the gym, hang out for 3 hours drinking coffee, smoking (really) and gossiping, and claiming that it was "exercise".

Thisbe is upset for an entirely different reason, as part of Planet Fitness's streamlined, evil-empire regime is that: there is no babysitting.

Without babysitting, Thisbe essentially cannot go to the gym during the day, thus eliminating all hope of Thisbe going to the gym.* This also eliminates any hope of Thisbe actually getting healthy or losing weight.

Thisbe is pondering whether to enlist the SCP in a rebellion to defend the gym and destroy the neighboring Planet Fitness (down the street), thus protecting our way of life and Pilates on Thursdays. I envision a scene where the current gym owners are boxed in with walkers and the Planet Fitness people run screaming from their machines at the sight of the many elderly people brandishing their yoga mats and spouting nonsensical stories about lines at the DMV.

*Not to mention creating some serious unhappiness for the WK, who has come to adore the gym babysitter and the many exciting gym toys.

Today's Project: Completion of many sets of wristies. Full explanation forthcoming.

Today's Life Observation: Politicians? Really NOT smarter than the rest of us.


Candy Corn!

They were out of candy corn at our grocery store.

So I made some myself.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!