Happy Thoughts, People.

OK. It is very important that everyone reading this thinks happy thoughts today.

Thisbe's brother-in-law is having very serious surgery, and we need lots and lots of good wishes flowing his way.

We'll keep you posted.

Today's Project: Just getting through the day.

Today's Life Observation: Tell the people you love that you love them. Please.


Pet peeves

1. To the customers at Stop n' Shop. DO NOT PARK in the "Customer with Infant" parking if you are not a customer with an infant. There is a reason for that parking. A shrieking, writhing, angry little reason, that really cannot take the extra walk from the car or waiting to get a cart which must be brought to the car. I've been there, and I too have been tempted, but please. If you don't have the kid, don't take the space

2. To the other parents at my gym. A 7 year old does not want to hang out in babysitting with giant Legos while you work out on the elliptical machine for 2 hours. And that 7 year old will behave badly, causing the poor babysitting lady to go crazy, which is no good for anyone. If school is over, and camp hasn't started yet, perhaps you need to get your exercise by taking your child for a nature walk. Or chasing him/her around the house/mall. Whatever. Just stop messing with my babysitters at the gym.

3. To the parents of the kids on my street. Letting your kids scream as loudly as they can, all in a group, so loudly that the neighbor lady thinks that one of them has been run down by an errant teenager, is not OK. Please teach your children that screaming? Is not a game.

4. To my garbage man. Taking our garbage does not require being loud. Some mornings (this morning) you are not loud, and I appreciate that. Some mornings (last week) you feel the need to make every single item in the garbage hit the truck individually, and also to comment loudly upon it. On those mornings, you kill the precious few moments I have to sleep before the wee kraken awakens, and usually you wake her up too. I beg you. If it is before 7am, please keep it down.

Today's project: Completion of several things! Pictures coming soon.

Today's Life Observation: Fridays were made for drinking.

PS. It appears that Thisbe's flirtation with the film industry is over, as she did not receive a call to be in Indiana Jones 4. Rats.


And yet, Harrison was nowhere to be seen....

That's right folks. Thisbe and the Wee Kraken went to an open casting call to be an extra in: Indiana Jones 4.

This is the closest that Thisbe has gotten to a movie set since Twelve Monkeys shot on UPenn's campus.*

While we both anticipated a long wait (news articles regarding this event from the previous day indicated that some people had been in line for upwards of 3 hours), we set out early and arrived at 11 am.

It was sort of anti-climatic. There was really no line.** The whole process took about 40 minutes. Weirdly, they wanted to know if Thisbe had cheerleading experience (no) and her glove size (????).

Unfortunately, the Wee Kraken was ineligible to apply to be an extra, as she is under 18. However, the casting director agreed that she was super-cute, and took her picture too.

We'll know (theoretically) in a couple of weeks, but even if this is not Thisbe's springboard to fame, it was still kind of a fun thing to do.

*Sadly, Brad Pitt was not there. Just a bunch of elephants. Cute, but not Brad Pitt cute.

**There was actually a short-ish line of people, and naughty Thisbe spent the majority of the short wait trying to decide if she was cuter than various other people in line. Answer: Thisbe was cuter than about 1/2 of those people, but not so much cuter than several college co-eds who were clearly going with the "play to my looks" (aka dress a little slutty) strategy. Thisbe was comforted by the fact that extras do not all have to be college co-eds, and the Wee Kraken was way cuter than all of us.

Today's Project: Mishmash of things to finish

Today's Life Observation: Never, ever, leave the house without a full tupperware of Cheerios.


Hire me, da*nit!!!!!!

So. It is time for Thisbe to return to the rat race.

Today Thisbe had a job interview. PBB has a more positive outlook on the report, but Thisbe (who was there) does not think it went particularly well.

Specifically, Thisbe just did not seem to have the right answers, or any answers to the incredibly pointed questions that were posed. There were a lot of hypothetical "SO, Ms. Thisbe. If you experienced Situation A (a situation with which Thisbe has limited experience), how would you proceed", and then Thisbe giving an answer, and then the interviewers pointing out something that Thisbe now thinks she should have known which would have been the key to the correct (?) answer.

All in all, Thisbe feels like a moron.

And really, if there are any people seeking someone for employment, Thisbe is an excellent, hard-working employee who is very passionate about the non-profit work that she loves.

So give Thisbe a chance.

Today's Project: Vest. etc.

Today's Life Observation: You never realize how stupid you are until someone else points it out.