Why I hate Clowns.....

OK. So we all know that Thisbe hates clowns.* And you can all post comments for me about how they are cute and engaging, and lovely, and why do I hate the cheerful little scamps?

And I have one word for you people: Bello.

The In-Laws took us, and the WK to see Bello in October, and since then, it has been a non-stop Bello-logue in our house.

Every morning? WK is yelling at Bello: "BELLO! I SAY NO! I SAY NO, BELLO!"

Every day, in the car? WK insists on singing the Bello theme song: "It's a BELLO BELLO BELLO BELLO BELLO BELLO BELLO BELLO-BRAAAAAAAATION!!!!"

Every night? Recap of what WK & Bello did today: "So I say, Bello, NO! And then he go up. And then he take the blanket, and I say, BELLO! NO!.........

[As an aside, for all that the WK insists that Bello loves her, and is her best friend, etc., etc., she yells at him a LOT]

[One other aside: the extensive discussion of Bello has been massively abbreviated for Thisbe's sanity]

Every night, after the day's Bello overload? Heavy drinking.

But Thisbe has a plan. Bello, say hello to THE LION KING.

Today's project: Mishmash of knitting and recovering from the weekend

Today's Life Observation: Men are wonderful, but they can be stupid. ;)

*Because they are terrifying, and because they eat people. Don't even try to persuade me otherwise.



So I took this test, suggested by one of my favorite blogs (My Mom Shops), and here are the results...surprisingly accurate, I think...

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...

You Are a Marilyn!


You are a Marilyn -- "I am affectionate and skeptical."

Marilyns are responsible, trustworthy, and value loyalty to family, friends, groups, and causes. Their personalities range broadly from reserved and timid to outspoken and confrontative.

How to Get Along with Me

  • * Be direct and clear

  • * Listen to me carefully

  • * Don't judge me for my anxiety

  • * Work things through with me

  • * Reassure me that everything is OK between us

  • * Laugh and make jokes with me

  • * Gently push me toward new experiences

  • * Try not to overreact to my overreacting.

What I Like About Being a Marilyn

  • * being committed and faithful to family and friends

  • * being responsible and hardworking

  • * being compassionate toward others

  • * having intellect and wit

  • * being a nonconformist

  • * confronting danger bravely

  • * being direct and assertive

What's Hard About Being a Marilyn

  • * the constant push and pull involved in trying to make up my mind

  • * procrastinating because of fear of failure; having little confidence in myself

  • * fearing being abandoned or taken advantage of

  • * exhausting myself by worrying and scanning for danger

  • * wishing I had a rule book at work so I could do everything right

  • * being too critical of myself when I haven't lived up to my expectations

Marilyns as Children Often

  • * are friendly, likable, and dependable, and/or sarcastic, bossy, and stubborn

  • * are anxious and hypervigilant; anticipate danger

  • * form a team of "us against them" with a best friend or parent

  • * look to groups or authorities to protect them and/or question authority and rebel

  • * are neglected or abused, come from unpredictable or alcoholic families, and/or take on the fearfulness of an overly anxious parent

Marilyns as Parents

  • * are often loving, nurturing, and have a strong sense of duty

  • * are sometimes reluctant to give their children independence

  • * worry more than most that their children will get hurt

  • * sometimes have trouble saying no and setting boundaries

Take Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz at HelloQuizzy

Today's Project: Quick Baby Hat - waiting for pattern for another project

Today's Life Observation: Tivo is the greatest invention since the wheel. Or the polio vaccine. Well. It's pretty fantastic anyway.


Kids say the darndest things.....

Tonight, at dinner.

WK: [earnestly] When I was a big girl? I used to move it, move it.* Like a tiger.

PBB & Thisbe: Well, sure. Like a tiger.

*Said as in the song from Madagascar "I like to Move it, move it!"

Today's Project: Halloween Costume. To be revealed soon!

Today's Life Observation: Growing up is hard work.



OK. So one of the big reasons Thisbe has been absent here, is because she was vacationing in Spain with PBB.

But wait, you ask, what of the WK? Well. The WK was also vacationing, but in the Ancestral Home City, with her Mimi & Big Pop.

[Pause while the realization that Thisbe & PBB took a REAL. BIG PERSON. VACATION. Sinks in]


Ok. Thisbe admits, leaving the WK was about as awful as ripping off her own arm. There was much sobbing and whimpering (on Thisbe's part. The WK was totally fine). But after a few hours (days) Thisbe came right around.

What follows is a condensed travel journal, if you will, of our journey to Espana. We had a fabulous time overall and Thisbe returned with many lovely, buttery soft leather goods.

Day 1: We drive, and drive, and drive, and drive to get to the airport. Upon arrival we park in long term parking and make the ridiculous trek to the actual terminal. (Approximate time to get to airport, 6.3 days). Realize once we are in line that the book Thisbe had been saving for the trip? IN THE CAR. Finally we get to the front of the check-in line and are told that Thisbe and PBB CANNOT SIT TOGETHER ON THE 7 HOUR FLIGHT. After all of the effort just to get to the counter, plus the trauma of leaving the WK, combined with the fact that Thisbe is not a great flier, and of course, failure to remember the book, you can imagine how well Thisbe handled this. Much sobbing and rending of garments later, the nice man sitting next to PBB agreed to switch seats, and we settled in for the flight.

Flight itself was fine. In-flight conditions? Bad. Very. Very. Bad. The "in-flight meal" was, by far, the worst airplane food (or for that matter, any food) Thisbe has ever seen/refused to taste. Additionally, the heat in the plane was on, and there was no air circulation, so Thisbe was nearly suffocated. Also. There was an in-flight movie, but PBB's headphones were non-functional, and it was irrelevant because there was no way to actually see the screen. Iberia Airlines? You will be receiving a very nasty letter. So amid these inauspicious circumstances we arrive in Madrid and make our connecting flight (uneventful) to Barcelona.

It is during our attempts to connect to our flight to Barcelona that we first experience what Thisbe likes to call "the Spanish System", as in, there is no system. To wit: On the flight as we arrived at the gate in Madrid, the flight attendant informed us that if we had connecting flights, Iberia personnel would be available as we disembarked to direct us to our next gate. Blithely we get off the plane (relieved to just be off it) and start looking for the personnel. No personnel. In fact, no real gate. We follow the signs/general teeming of people and ultimately arrive in a more populated area of the terminal. We figure out which gate we are supposed to be at, based on the departure board, and thanks to Thisbe's Amazing Race-style skillz, get to the gate indicated. Except there is no one there. Also, the gate is alternately flashing 4 different flights all leaving at the same time. We attempt to ask other airline personnel, they are strikingly unhelpful. We find the Iberia help desk, they assure us that the flight is indeed at that gate, but as of 10 minutes AFTER the scheduled boarding time there are still no personnel at the gate, and only a small number of people.

What we finally discovered (when we boarded 20 minutes later) is that this blase attitude is a hallmark of Spain. The basic standard is that any and every scheduled or regulated event is really just a suggestion. Lines? Also a suggestion. It is sort of a "do what you feel like when you want to" attitude. As you may well imagine, two Type-A attorneys functioned poorly under this system. [WHERE IS THE GATE ATTENDANT????? IS THIS EVEN OUR GATE???? ARE WE EVEN IN SPAIN????? WTF?????].

So, amid these relatively inauspicious circumstances, we arrive in Barcelona and take a (thankfully) uneventful cab ride to our hotel.

Day 2: Barcelona! Barcelona is a fun city. It is not exactly a beautiful city but it is very interesting and has a cool gothic quality in certain areas. When we first arrived we were exhausted and starving, so we went seeking food, and located an adorable coffee shop/patisserie called Mauri around the corner from our hotel. Thisbe loves Mauri. Thisbe would like to crawl into one of their sumptuous display cases and live in there with all of the delicious pastries and sandwiches. After much gesturing and guessing, we procured sandwiches and an iced coffee and all was well with the world, and thus fortified we headed off to our first tourist attraction, Parc Guell.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Parc Guell is an incredible garden complex designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. (get comfortable with his name, you will be seeing it a lot in this mini-travel journal). Originally designed to be a planned community (which, incidentally, would have been an environmentally friendly community), it is situated on a hill with many paths, some very cool arched walkways, and a large open terrace surrounded by a continuous bench, as well as many other incredible architectural features which would require several hours to detail. However, for the purposes of this discussion, one of the key elements to remember is that it is situated on a hill. A very big hill. Indeed, the hill is so big that they actually built escalators into the street to allow people to gain access to the park. And Thisbe, for one, barely made it up to the park with the escalators. And that's after the increased gym time.

But it is worth it. Parc Guell is incredibly beautiful and Thisbe loved all of the Gaudi elements, particularly the use of broken pottery to create a sort of mosaic effect on the benches and many of the buildings. PBB (oddly) and correctly also noted that Parc Guell was the site for the final walk-off in Cycle 7 of ANTM. Thisbe was also particularly fond of the lizard at the fountain in the front of the park. All in all, it was a very pleasant ramble through our first big Barcelona sight.

Later that night we went to a restaurant called Botafumiero for dinner. In addition to being a nice restaurant generally, it turns out that Botafumeiro is sort of a Carmine's type establishment, frequented by many celebrities, whose pictures adorn the walls for patron's amusement. (e.g. Scarlett Johansson) As with many restaurants in Barcelona, there was a heavy emphasis on seafood at Botafumeiro, which we capitalized on by eating king crab and calamari. This dinner also kicked off Thisbe's week of drinking. Spain is known for delicious wine, cava (sparkling wine) and dessert wine. And Thisbe recognized that it was her opportunity, nay, her duty, to sample one drink from each of the aforementioned categories with every dinner. And so she did. And it was good.

Next up on the travelogue: The Picasso Museum & La Rambla. Stay tuned!

Today's Project: Working on the Wk's Halloween costume

Today's Life Observation: My cell phone is possessed by Satan. Really.


Love it or Hate it?

1. Whole Foods: LOVE IT. Ah Whole Foods. With your delicious prepared foods section, and your array of soups, and your (now individually packaged) caramel corn. You make me feel warm and fuzzy.

2. The WK's "I can do it myself!!!!!" Phase: HATE IT. So far, the only things the WK can reliably do herself are 1) Whine/Cry/Scream 2) Spill stuff. Unsurprisingly, there is not much call for either of these tasks in our everyday routine (although they are certainly injected into every possible event), so the WK is trying to do lots of things which she cannot do well, or in some cases at all. And she is QUITE FIRM that she MUST DO THEM HERSELF. "I put on pants MYSELF! I put on backpack MYSELF! I open door MYSELF! I go up/down stairs MYSELF!". Have you any idea how long it takes a 2 year old to put on a backpack? No? I'll let you know when she finishes doing it. So far, approximately 2 hours and 17 minutes. You know what Thisbe will be doing HERSELF? Figuring out how early is too early for drinking, that's what.

3. The new TNT show Raising The Bar: LOVE IT. OK. Judge me and scorn me, but a show which stars Zack? From Saved by the Bell? All growed up? Do not even tell me that you aren't the least bit curious. Also, it is so soap-opera-y that it is hilarious.

4. Drivers on the Parkway. HATE THEM. I know there has been much complaining of the bad drivers in this area, but GEEZ. Now that Thisbe is taking the WK to preschool and must drive back and forth on the Parkway every day, we are being subjected to a whole new level of bad driver. White service van? THE SPEED LIMIT IS 55! WHY DID YOU DRIVE 40??????? Guy from NJ? 1) You need a headset for the cellphone which is distracting you 2) if you cannot drive properly and talk on your cell phone then please stop 3) you must choose ONE lane to drive in 4) your sort of idiot behavior is the type of thing that makes me despise your state and wish that car-mounted weaponry were legal.

5. Sarah Palin: HATE HER. Sorry. Will not launch into rabid diatribe, understand that reasonable people can disagree, yet still: HATE HER.

6. Tina Fey PLAYING Sarah Palin: LOVE HER. Particularly fond of part where Amy Poehler/Hilary is trying to talk and Tina/Sarah starts Miss America posing for the cameras. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Whew.

Today's Project: Oh, just take a guess. Hint: starts with "w" and ends with "risties"

Today's Life Observation: Naps - they're not just for toddlers anymore.


Tuesdays with WK

WK: Mommy. I want listen to song.
Thisbe: Ok. What song?
WK: I want the other song, not the other song.
Thisbe: Um. I have no idea what you mean. What is the name of the song?
WK: I can't tell you.
Thisbe: Ok. Can you sing part of the song?
WK; [Getting agitated] I can't TELL you! Can you please play the song?
Thisbe: Let me get this: you want me to play a song, but you can't tell me what it is. So I have to guess.
Thisbe: I am not sure whether to be frustrated, or impressed that you think I can read your mind.
WK: You just play song??????? PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE????????

Later the same day....WK is in bed. Suddenly, much crying and agitation. PBB goes to investigate:

PBB: [entering room] Hey sweetie - what's wrong?
WK: My pants are off!!!!
PBB: [Confirms that pants are off]. Yes. Yes they are. Why are your pants off?
WK: I took them off.
PBB: Why did you do that?
WK: So I can put them on.

You can't make this stuff up, people.

Today's Project: Freaking wristies. Hate.

Today's Life Observation: Candy Corn season has begun! Let the delicious consumption begin.


Another Letter

Dear Karma,

While I realize that I have been slacking in the "de-worming of orphans in Africa" level of goodness, I have to say, I did not realize that I was unwittingly participating in the clubbing of baby seals, because MAN are you overwhelming me with the low-level smackdown over here. Whatever it is that I did, I apologize. To everyone. In the universe. Because clearly I have offended approximately 97% of you. You're right, I'm wrong. I didn't mean it, it was an accident. I had no idea that I was putting out this kind of negative energy. Now please, please, can we move past all of this?

With love and wishes only for world peace,


Today's Project: Well, since karma is in charge, wristies.

Today's Life Observation: Something neutral! That offends no one! You're all lovely!


Um. Yeah. About the blogging....

OK. So, Thisbe has gotten a little behind on the posting.

We blame Facebook.

You all know what we are talking about. The seductive format of knowing what 90 of your closest friends are doing (thanks to status updates) at any given moment with the merest click of a mouse? Overwhelming.

However, with the recent addition of high school pictures of Thisbe [Thisbe will pause here while you all go take a look. And yes. Thisbe looks stupid. Enjoy. Laugh away. All of you readers are on facebook too, and if you think it won't happen to you? You are very, sadly, mistaken.]; Thisbe is much less enamored of the facebook scene. It is like going to your favorite cafe and realizing that now there is a lame poetry reading there every day. Or a crappy band. But we digress.

So, yeah, facebook started the lack of blogging, but then it was exacerbated by the following (in no particular order):

1) Working at a summer program part-time in July. For a variety of reasons it was exhausting. Enough said.

2) The inordinate amount of family time the Thisbe family had this summer. Thisbe thinks that she has not spent this much time with her family or PBB's family (or any family) since she was in high school.

3) Traveling, attendant to the family visiting-ness.

4) Summer is the time when PBB, in all his glory, is the head of the Summer Associate Program at his firm. This requires Thisbe to step up and be Adorable Charming Wife, and host a large party at her house, and attend a series of events. At all of these events Thisbe must be witty and charming and adorable. And although Thisbe *is* witty and charming and adorable, um, she is not all of these things all of the time. And she can often be cranky and hostile and off-putting, so this sort of thing is also time consuming and exhausting.

5) The WK had her first bout with the stomach flu. It was hideous. Hands are shaking merely remembering the week of the "bad noise". No more can be said. For Thisbe's mental health.

And the list continues, but these were some of the main issues.


1) MEMG is now a member of PBB's firm.

2) [broken sobbing] The Little Blonde moved back to her Ancestral Homeland.

3) WK is working on the potty training. She knows most of the words to Livin' on a Prayer. She also routinely refers to PBB & Thisbe by their first names. {WK: "Thisbe! Just chill out!" Thisbe: [to self] Are you KIDDING ME with this?]

4) Thisbe and PBB are each a year older.

OK. More regular posting to resume. Promise

Today's Project: All knitting. All the time.

Today's Life Observation: It doesn't have to be a scary dream to be a nightmare.



The scene: Thisbe's couch. Thisbe is trying to settle down and take a nap, or at least rest, as the WK woke up approximately 50 times last night to talk to her stuffed cat, and was finally taking a nap.

The phone rings, it is PBB:

PBB: Hey! Ready for me to ruin your day?
Thisbe: [Instantly wary, as tone of voice does not match words] Why? What happened?
PBB: Guess who is in Managing Partner's office RIGHT NOW interviewing for a job, and probably getting an offer?
Thisbe: [Increasingly anxious] Who?
Thisbe; [Incoherent screaming and babbling, curling like a shrimp into a ball] Noooooooooooooooo
PBB: I am trying to stop it.
Thisbe: [sobbing]

Upshot: MOST EVIL MEAN GIRL got an offer. All of the horrible events and anxiety from that period of Thisbe's life will now be working down the hall from PBB. Thisbe will have to see her if she wants to go to any firm event or visit PBB at the office. Thisbe will be drinking a pitcher of sangria and crying for the rest of the evening.

*MOST EVIL MEAN GIRL was the leader of the clique of mean girls who tortured Thisbe into near insanity at her last law firm job. Thisbe wishes this was some sort of descriptive hyperbole, but it is not. Fun games played by MEMG included (but were not limited to) gathering associates in her office to make fun of Thisbe, when Thisbe could HEAR THEM THROUGH THE WALLS, badmouthing Thisbe to people who worked at other firms, lying about what she said to other firms and blaming it on Thisbe, and generally behaving as cruelly as possible to Thisbe.

Today's Project: [sobbing]

Todays LIfe Observation: [sobbing]



Dear Criminal Minds:

Blowing up one team member? And showing us each member getting into a separate, yet identical, car? SO THAT THISBE MUST WONDER ALL SUMMER WHO GOT BLOWN UP????* Criminal INDEED.

Also, Ugly Betty, and Grey's Anatomy? Do not be pulling this sort of crap tonight. Thisbe has no patience for it right now.

Today's Project: Finishing up gray sparkly shawl

Today's Life Observation: One bad apple spoiled my whole group. How I hate that apple.

*And don't *EVEN* tell me you blew up the cute, newly pregnant woman. Or the tall geeky guy who is my favorite. Or any of them. Damn you, Criminal Minds! Why must you mess with the team at the BAU, they are a FAMILY. Don't you know ANYTHING? It's like you've been watching too much 24. Except that it isn't on. [Jack! How I miss you! But I digress]



Dear Desperate Housewives:

You suck. Your cliffhanger season finale makes me want to scream. And not in the good, "Ooooh! I can't wait to see what happens!" way, but rather in the "Oooooh! Someone just stabbed me in the eye with a fork!" Your Susan plotline makes no sense! It is stupid! The thing with Kathryn - you sure tied up some loose ends there! Again! STUPID! GAH!


Argh. Television. I wish I could quit you.

Angrily yours,



This is Thisbe's 100th post! Yes. Some of you have been dedicated enough (or bored enough) to read 100 posts by Thisbe. We here at Thisbe's Knits salute you, intrepid readers. And we promise to make the next 100 posts full of more fun, more stories of Thisbe's inanity, the patience of PBB, the WK's hilarity, and general amusement for all.

In other news: Today Thisbe GARDENED. That's right. You might need to sit down. We understand. It is a shock, what with Thisbe generally being a bit of a slacker in the homemaker department. But indeed, the rumors are true. Today Thisbe, PBB & the WK selected some bee-yoo-ti-ful flowers* and had a family fun activity of planting them in our front flower beds. Now our front yard is all pretty, and Thisbe just wants to go out and admire her flowers. Except that it is raining. Soooo, apparently admiring of flowers will have to wait until tomorrow. Or happen from the window.

The WK, while excited about the prospect of digging with her tiny pink shovel, was actually counterproductive in the process. And yet? Still managed to be covered in dirt almost immediately.

So all in all, quite the red letter day.

Today's project: Gray shawl

Today's Life Observation: Family really can make it fun.

*Multicolored Double begonias and snapdragons, an azalea bush and a rhododendron.


Brilliance or Insanity?

1. Albert's Mofango House. Thisbe encountered this establishment while taking a friend home from a fun outing in the Big City last night. It features a large, brightly colored sign with a picture. Other passengers in the car posited that the picture was a muffin, a bowl of rice, ice cream, and an African-American man with a white afro. All Thisbe will say is: we were WAY off. Also, the actual item is far less exciting. And appealing.

2. The Something Store. According to this site, you send them $10 and they send you "something". Items sent recently include a Starbucks gift set, an RC speed racer, and a clock/calendar/weather thing. Or you could donate $10. Or burn it.

3. [Ok. This one is neither brilliance or insanity, but just stupidity]. Overheard at local phone store:
Phone Guy: So here is where your menu is, and then you go here to text....
Woman: OH! Good. Because I wanted to text my vote on Dancing With the Stars, but I couldn't figure out how.
Thisbe: [To self, inner monologue] Ma'am. I am not sure what the most disturbing part of that sentence is, but I am driving away before you get behind the wheel of a car.

Today's Project: Shawl for pay.

Today's Life Observation: Mac n' cheese makes any day a good day.


So Pretty.

Take a look at Thisbe's beautiful Lilies of the Valley.

Gimmelgirl. You are fabulous.

Today's Project: Did Thisbe mention the sunny? And therefore, the lazy?

Today's Life Observation: Politics are ugly. No matter what.


Adventure Time with Thisbe & The Little Blonde!

So. You thought Thisbe was lame. You thought that Thisbe just sat around all day, watching re-runs of Crossing Jordan (Woody! I love you! Call me!) and dancing at the whim of the tiny dictator that is the WK. (BENATAR MOMMY!!!!!)

But NO. Thisbe is cool. Oh yeah. Thisbe is hip and happening.

Thisbe went to Brooklyn and met Dooce, her husband Jon, Laid-off Dad, and Finslippy.

That's right. Try to turn your complexions back to normal, as you are green with envy.

All except the Little Blonde, who was the Thelma to my Louise on this adventure. (Or vice versa. Which one of them was the one who drove? She was that one.)

On Wednesday, The Little Blonde & Thisbe drove to Brooklyn for an impromptu book signing/meet-and-greet. Initially we had some concerns that we would be viewed as insane blog-stalking Stepford wives. Indeed, upon getting to Brooklyn, we had concerns that some sort of hipster police would appear and politely ask us to take our very non-cool selves back to Stepford.

Yet, there were no such incidents. Surprisingly, we didn't even stick out in the crowd of people who had arrived to worship the bloggers. Frankly, we were significantly less "enthusiastic" than many of the people there.

Dooce, Jon, LOD and Finslippy could not have been nicer or more fun. They were totally down-to-earth, and although every reader thinks they would be BFF with certain bloggers, The Little Blonde & Thisbe left desperately wishing we *could* be BFF with them.* They were all just as excited to talk to their fans as the fans were to see them. The Little Blonde and Dooce bonded over their southern childhoods and Thisbe slavered over Finslippy's AWESOME shoes. [Truly. These shoes rocked my world. Finslippy, I tell you, Zappos cannot get them to my house fast enough].

There was all sorts of book signing and picture taking, and the atmosphere was very relaxed, and sort of had a happy-hour vibe. Barnes and Noble? You may want to consider getting your liquor license. I'm just saying.

In addition, it was particularly fantastic that Thisbe and The Little Blonde were able to experience this Adventure together, as The Little Blonde recently announced that she has sold her house and is returning to her Southern roots [Insert sound of Thisbe's uncontrollable sobbing here]. Thisbe will miss her terribly, especially since she routinely comes up with gems like this:

LB: Man, if it were possible, I'd be all over that like a duck on a junebug.
T: [Staring silently at LB, stunned. Finally finds words]. Um. WHAT????
LB: You know, like a duck? On a junebug? WHOMP! [Makes "whomping" motion]
T: [Cannot speak. Laughing for 10 straight minutes].
LB: Come on. You must have heard that before? Whomp?
T: [Crying, as she is laughing so hard].

People. Thisbe cannot make this stuff up.

Below, pictures of Thisbe and the Little Blonde with Dooce, Jon, and Finslippy, and then one with Laid-off Dad.

*One thing we felt bad about was our failure to bring an offering to the bloggers. But we were sort of stymied by what would be an appropriate gift. Let's face it, would you eat food made by someone who is essentially stalking you on the Internet? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Today's Project: So behind. Must work on knitting. But the sun is so pretty.

Today's Life Observation: It's fun to do something impromptu. And to use the word "impromptu".



I can't believe she's two. Such a big girl. Thisbe loves her so much.

Luckiest Mommy in the world, two years and counting....

Today's Project: Finishing up wristies. Getting back to socks & shawl

Today's Life Observation: WK. You are the best girl ever!


Update: We have a winner!!!!

Major kudos to Gimmelgirl, who actually sent Thisbe a beautiful pot of Lillies of the Valley! The Hermione hat she has been coveting will be hers.

Also, she totally rocks, as this was, to say the least, a timely gift. Thisbe has been doubting the human race in a big way for the last week or so.

Gimmelgirl, you are the best. Thisbe loves you so.

Today's Project: Finishing up some wristies, looking for Hermione hat

Today's Life Observation: Just when you think no one cares, someone proves you wrong.


With Salt?

So. Question of the day: What is Margarita Island?

Answer: Not an island with unlimited frosty alcoholic beverages (as posited by Thisbe). Rather, it is an island in Venezuela. And Thisbe & PBB have been invited to a wedding there.

Indeed, this was just about the most high maintenance wedding invitation Thisbe has ever received. The invitation came in a box (adorned with a small shell) and was sent in an overnight envelope. The bride is an associate at PBB's office. We are flattered by the invite, but suspect that this may be one of those invitations that is a formality, rather than something we are expected to attend. However, we are both intrigued by the location and sorely tempted to call her bluff. I imagine she would be quite taken aback if we did [Where the hell am I supposed to seat these people??????].

Today's Project: Finishing up some wristies

Todays' Life Observation: Every single thing Thisbe does? Could be done by a nanny, cook, or housekeeper. So Thisbe is essentially obsolete.


A few of my favorite things

OK. First person to get Thisbe some lilies of the valley gets her undying gratitude and potentially a handknitted item of their choice.

When Thisbe was a child, there was a house near hers that had enormous clumps of lilies of the valley growing right by the sidewalk, and they did not care if we picked some. And they would bloom every year in late April or early May. Thisbe loves how tiny and perfect each little flower is and the really delicate perfume. They are the very best flower. They are Thisbe's absolute favorite flower.

It is spring! Thisbe needs her lilies of the valley!!!!!!!

Today's Project: 2 loads of laundry

Today's Life Observation: Still looking for my 6 words


So, one of the blogs that Thisbe reads regularly is by the very fabulous Jen Lancaster.

It is worth checking out her entry from yesterday, which asks her readers to summarize their life in 6 words, ala Hemingway's legendary bet. Some of them are funny, some of them are heartbreaking. It is absolutely riveting to read. And quick, as they are only words apiece.

Thisbe has not yet figured out her six words....update to follow......

Today's Project: Unsure. Wristies or socks, or maybe shawl

Today's Life Observation: [To be filled in with 6 words]


Um. DUH.

Yeah. So this was a headline article on MSNBC.

Apparently, eating lots of fattening, sugary, unhealthy foods? Can be a health risk.

I mean, really, who knew?

Today's Project: Wristies. Sigh.

Today's Life Observation: The nature museum near us finally replaced the bunny that had, um, "gone away". There are now two bunnies. Surprisingly (not) they do not like being screamed at (with joy) by a two year old.


Not one of Thisbe's 100 things

So. Thisbe's good buddy, Music Director had a concert on Friday. And he indicated that it was an actual important concert. And as he has many, many, many, concerts, which Thisbe generally does not attend, Thisbe felt like she should make a little effort and go.

Upon questioning Music Director, Thisbe found out that the concert was at the State University campus, which Thisbe (naively) believed was not far from capital (approximately 45 minutes from Thisbe's house). Also, as this University routinely plays Thisbe's beloved Orangemen, Thisbe thought it would be a good idea to find out how far she would have to drive to see a game. It is also one of those places in the state that everyone seems to have visited at some point, and Thisbe never had.

So really, it would be fun! An adventure! A teeny tiny road trip! Right? RIGHT?????

Yeah. Not. As it turns out, State University campus is very, very, far from Thisbe's house. More like 90 minutes. And in the middle of NOWHERE. NOWHERE I SAY. And remember, Thisbe went to law school in Ithaca. There weren't even restaurants out near this school. (Let's face it, at least there was the Collegetown Bagels, Wendy's, Franco's, and the Nines in Collegetown. Not to mention Wegman's a short drive away. There was food. No such luck at State University. Although we did see a sketchy Thai restaurant. Let us hope the students are big fans of Thai food).

This place made Ithaca look like an urban jungle. At any moment Thisbe expected to be cornered by herds of angry and bored cattle that were going to harass Thisbe and her friend just for amusement. It also rained for most of the drive. WK can never attend this school because Thisbe is convinced she would immediately turn to drugs and alcohol out of sheer boredom.

However, in all fairness, there were three positives to the evening:

1) Thisbe was joined on her expedition by her other good friend, the Drama Queen, who kept Thisbe awake and entertained on the lengthy drive to and from State University.

2) Thisbe and the Drama Queen stopped at a restaurant near (read: several miles from) the State University called "Kathy John's" which advertised "Food and Ice Cream" and which did not disappoint. It was perhaps one of the most fabulous restaurants Thisbe has visited in some time. In addition to the fact that there was not one healthy menu offering, the restaurant had a small store attached to it which sold, among other things: embroidered lavender scented pillows, a vast array of beanie babies, stickers, several fancy paper lanterns and lamps, and the largest selection of rubber stamps and stamp paraphernalia that I have ever seen. Have some chicken fingers! And make a greeting card with kitten stamp! And a heart shaped hole punch!!!

3) The concert was really lovely. Music Director, in addition to being an all-around good guy*, is a very talented musician. While Thisbe is not a particularly big fan of Mozart's Requiem he did a great job, and is a lot of fun to watch (and not just because his pants almost fell down. True Story.). The soloists and choir were excellent, as was the orchestra.

*Thisbe should point out here that Music Director was invaluable during her show, and put up with a lot of Thisbe's general freaking out about the show and attendant show issues with good humor. Plus, he drove Thisbe's sorry drunken self home from the cast party and did not make fun of her, AND did not even give her a hard time when her drunken directions resulted in his driving aimlessly around a very rural area at 2am. As the WK would say: BIG HUG for Music Director.

Today's Project: Socks. Recipient seems more grateful.

Today's Life Observation: Today I saw a banana split that was bigger than the WK. And I was afraid.



My boyfriend is the dreamiest.

He's handsome, and sexy, and he gives millions of dollars to charity.

AND he can make a porkpie hat look good.

(Spare me the emails about how he is crazy, or how he is already dating some woman, or how I am crazy and he is not really my boyfriend. How I love him so).

Today's Project: No more socks.

Today's Life Observation: There is a Rita's Water Ice! 10 minutes from my house! YAY!


....to the Gaglz family on the birth of Damon Danger! We can't wait to meet him!

Today's Project: Socks. But we are getting sick of making socks for people who don't give a da*n

Today's Life Observation: A long walk by the ocean will really clear your head.


I forgot to tell you....


Or more specifically this is awesome.

Yet another shout-out to the Little Blond for alerting me to this Twitter.

Which, I must admit, made me laugh out loud.

Today's Project: Socks

Today's Life Observation: The robins on my street are enormously fat. I think they might be carnivorous.



OK. So, recently it was pointed out to me that I discuss some people on this blog with a great deal of frequency, and other people, who are prominent in my life, are basically not mentioned at all.

So to clarify, lest some people feel unloved, the only reason that certain persons are mentioned while others are not, is because Thisbe is very conscious that the Web is a vast and scary place full of creepy lurking people. Thisbe is therefore uneasy mentioning people who don't already put themselves out there (e.g. have their own blog, website, livejournal, etc.), as they might not want such creepy lurking people reading about them.*

So, dear readers, if you feel slighted in some way, my apologies. I will make a concerted effort to mention or identify more of you UNLESS YOU TELL ME NOT TO DO SO.

Because, let's face it. You people are quite entertaining.

*Indeed, at least one person specifically requested to never be mentioned on this blog

Today's Project: Socks!

Today's Life Observation: It may not be winter forever! Thisbe saw ACTUAL SPRING FLOWERS today.


Complaint Department

Thisbe would normally put this post in letter form, but is feeling lazy. So, in no particular order, here are some things that are driving Thisbe NUTS.

1. Traffic on the 2 lane road we must travel to take the WK to her Kindermusik class. WHY? You're repairing a road, not constructing the Taj Mahal, FIGURE OUT HOW TO PROPERLY DIVERT TRAFFIC YOU IDIOTS. GAH.

2. Hey Richard? From Top Chef? If you "smoke" one more thing I am officially going to be forced to root against you on principle. Quit it with your stupid smoking crap. Cook something. To be cliche: It is not "Top Smoker". Argh.

3. Not so much a complaint, but notable: Martha Stewart's entry on her blog today: Donkey Cleaning 101. Not sure how this is relevant to the average reader.

4. WK: I love you more than I love anyone in this world, but if you do not stop crying in the car every time you drop something (roughly every 30 seconds), there is a serious chance that Thisbe will drop you off at PBB's office and drive, Thelma & Louise-like, onward to Mexico.

5. All the people who fail to return my emails. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. [Note that Thisbe is a complete hypocrite here, as she often fails to return email].

6. Retail merchants: Thisbe has finally lost enough weight to try on pants. Why must you manufacture pants in styles only for women who have no a$$es and no hips? Why must there be a 4 inch gap between my back and the back of the pants? WOMEN HAVE CURVES. MAKE US SOME FREAKING PANTS ALREADY.

7. Television: The strike is over. BRING BACK MY SHOWS. RIGHT. FREAKING. NOW.

8. Universe: enough with the low-level annoyance. I'm done. Please just give me a few days off. And for the record, this does not mean that I am looking for serious-level annoyance. I'd like just a few days of quiet.

OK. Enough with the grousing. Happier posts to resume shortly.

Today's Project: Perhaps socks. Perhaps a shawl. Perhaps wristies.

Today's Life Observation: Sesame Street: semi-irritating children's show, or fount of all knowledge?


The Other WHAT?

To: Sony Pictures
From: Thisbe
Re: "The Other Boleyn Girl"
cc: Philippa Gregory

Dear Sirs and/or Madam(s)

I write with regard to the 2 hours of my life that you WASTED turning one of my favorite books into one of the VERY WORST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN*. Not one single iota of that movie (with the exception of the fact that there were actual people with those names) was accurate, and I can only be grateful that I paid a mere $.25 to see it, as my friend had a coupon. I think it was still overpriced, but am willing to be somewhat flexible as the Tudor period costumes were lovely. Somewhere, I imagine the author is quietly sobbing for her unbelievably poor decision to sell you the rights to her novel, and vowing to sue you for defamation of character on behalf of the historical individuals.
I can only hope that the depravity that led you to destroy a great book and subject the public to a truly terrible film will condemn you to the lowest level of hell (where, presumably, you will be forced to watch this movie repeatedly).

Angrily yours,

*The very worst movie being Waterworld. Don't even get Thisbe started.

Too much of a good thing...

So. As anyone reading this blog has noticed, the last several posts have been dedicated to Thisbe's show, which is a Gilbert & Sullivan show (The Yeoman of the Guard). Gilbert & Sullivan is sort of a specialized genre, with a limited fan base. Thisbe got into it because her Dad & Uncle are both big fans, and Thisbe was indoctrinated from a very young age. Indeed, Thisbe could sing all of "I am the very Model of a Modern Major General" before she was eight.

At rehearsal on Wednesday, the President of Thisbe's group made "an important announcement". The announcement was that Friday (today) is February 29th, a day that only happens once every four years, and also the birthday of Frederic, the protagonist of The Pirates of Penzance. As such, the President required everyone to sing "Hail Poetry" and had a birthday cake for Frederic.

Now. Thisbe is all for singing Hail Poetry (it was the anthem for Thisbe's college group and carries a great deal of nostalgia), and of course, Thisbe is all for cake.

However. Thisbe is a *little* concerned about all the fuss being made over a FICTIONAL CHARACTER'S BIRTHDAY.

It seems, shall we say, excessive? (We're going with "excessive" rather than "bat-sh*t crazy")

Today's Project: Black gossamer shawl

Today's Life Observation: Naptime. It's the *best* time


Monday morning Quarterbacking.

OK. One other thing. The Oscars were kind of disappointing.

Thisbe is pleased they happened at all, but there was not much of a surprise about any winners, and they were kind of blah. Jon Stewart and Steve Carrell were pretty funny though.

Also, many of the actresses and actors broke Thisbe's cardinal rule: if you are that gorgeous, then please dress to look good. Do not dress as though you were attacked by wolverines (or chickens), do not highlight unflattering areas of your body because you are so fit. Do not not show up looking as though you have been living in the mountains for the last 18 months.

Major offenders included: Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, and Cameron Diaz (what was UP with that dress? It does not take a genius to know that draping hanging around your hips? NOT FLATTERING. And the hair? You're at the Oscars. You are not going to the gym. Make more of an effort than a ponytail. ARGH. HATE.) Viggo Mortenson (Viggo, you made me sad. I love beards, and you almost made me hate them).

People whose work I will continue to see include: Katherine Heigl, Anne Hathaway, and (surprisingly) Calista Flockhart.

Nicole Kidman: You are pregnant, so Thisbe will give you a bit of a pass, but the dress/necklace combination? DID NOT WORK.

Today's Project: See other post

Today's Life Observation: See other post

All frenzied with despair..

...soooooooo the freaking out? Has not gotten any better.

Indeed, we are now at the level of full fledged panic attack. Not because Thisbe thinks the show will be bad, but because Thisbe is just freaking out. Thisbe's tiny, skittery, brain cannot stop obsessing over all of the things that could go wrong, or that she could do to cause lifelong shame to herself.

The result? Thisbe could barely breathe at her vocal lesson.


Today's Project: Breathing. Knitting of any kind is in the backseat

Today's Life Observation: None. Breathing.


Snow Day!

In classic weather-person fashion, the snow expected for today was minimal (2-4 inches), and yet, we appear to have 6-8 inches on the ground. Weather people: Your degrees are bogus. You would have just as much luck if you consulted with a Ouija Board.

Anyhow. The unexpected upshot - frolicking in the snow with the Wee Kraken

I don't normally post pictures, but...

Hee! Cute! Love!


1. Show getting terrifyingly close. Pretty much everyone Thisbe knows will be attending. Thisbe is FREAKING OUT. As a lead, Thisbe gets lots of attention (wonderful for the needy, 16 year old girl that is Thisbe). But, Thisbe's character is very flirty/sexy and as Thisbe also has the self-esteem of a needy (totally insecure) 16 year old girl (which Thisbe was), it is very challenging.

Thisbe feels like Hyacinth Hippo from Fantasia (the hippo in the tutu who dances around). Hyacinth thinks she's gorgeous, but really, she is a mack truck in pointe shoes.

Thisbe is very worried that she will look like a mack truck, although in boots. A mack truck that cannot sing and forgets her lines. ARGH.

2. Thisbe attended the Westminster Dog Show with the WK, PBB, Mrs. Weef and Miss Sophie. An excellent time was had by all, although next year - we go on Tuesday. The friendlier dogs (read: dog owners) seem to be there on Tuesday.

Today's Project: Gossamer Shawl (gray shawl is finished (and sold!), starting a black shawl)

Today's Life Observation: If you can't find rocks to make a snowman's face under 6 inches of snow, nuts and bolts will do the trick nicely.


Happy Valentine's Day, INDEED!

Today is a momentous occasion. The scene: our study.

WK: Mommy, I want to make poopy on the potty.
Thisbe: What? [flabbergasted]
WK: [More insistent, smiling] MOMMY. I want to make poopy on the potty.
Thisbe: Um. Ok. [Goes and gets tiny potty].

[Interlude of approximately 40 minutes during which diaper is removed and WK sits on her potty. WK is very excited to sit on her potty, and keeps insisting that she "wants make poopy". She *refuses* to put her diaper back on.]

Thisbe: [Noting that it is lunchtime, and WK is still refusing to put diaper on]. WK, if you make poopy, we can watch Boowa and Kwala.
Thisbe: [Leaving bathroom to get phone. Returns 30 seconds later.]
WK: I want poopy [starts to get up]
WK: I all done. Boowa and Kwala.

[Diaper goes on with no fuss at all. WK is clearly proud of herself. Repeating "I made poopy in potty". We watch Boowa and Kwala, lunch is eaten]

Sooooooooo......I think the WK just potty-trained herself. Obviously this will be a process, but still.

Thisbe is absolutely stunned. Also unprepared. There is no big-girl underwear, or even pull-ups in the house. Emergency shopping will ensue.

Today's Project: Sparkly silver shawl

Today's Life Observation: Still. Just. Shocked.


A day of weirdness....

Long story, but Thisbe was stuck in the house for awhile today, waiting for a serviceperson.

To stave off the endless boredom (and inability to shower, lest the serviceperson was missed), Thisbe compiled a bunch of random thoughts/things that happened in the last couple of days.

1) Around 11am, the phone rang and it was the U.S. Marines. As Thisbe looked at the phone, all she could think was "Well. This *will* be interesting. What could they possibly want?"

[Fantasy Conversation]

US Marines: Ms. Thisbe?
Thisbe: yes....
US Marines: Thank Goodness! We have a national security emergency, and need your knitting skills.
Thisbe: Do I have to go to Iraq?
US Marines: No. Just knit a lot and get paid excessively.
Thisbe: I'm in.

What did they really want? A person named Matthew, who does not live here.

2) While retrieving another email lost to the overzealous spam filter on Thisbe's email, Thisbe noted a spam email with the subject "never sleep for it causes early death". Boy. If that is true, Thisbe is in real trouble.

3) As you may recall, dear readers, the WK's musical tastes were giving Thisbe concerns re: homicide. So, Thisbe downloaded a ton of 80s pop, and voila! Now when we get in the car, the WK says "Mommy, I want Erasure song!" followed by "Mommy, TURN UP ERASURE SONG!!!!" (Note: I always make her say please before I do it). And then she sings along "I soooooo loooooove yooooooou"


4) For Thisbe's upcoming show (email Thisbe for info!), it has been determined that she gets to wear a corset. Having tried on the corset, the question to pose is: WHY did these things go out of fashion? That corset may be the most flattering thing Thisbe has ever put on (other than her wedding dress).

OK. Enough of the mishmash of thoughts.

Today's Project: Socks for PBB

Today's Life Observation: You never really know what someone is thinking.


These are the people in my neighborhood...

So. Those of you who went to college with Thisbe will get this. The rest of you may or may not find it funny.

Currently, the WK is watching Sesame Street. On today's episode, Ben Stiller and Telly the monster are singing the classic Sesame Street song "Who are the people in your neighborhood". [Unrelated: at the end of the song Ben Stiller dressed up like a giant cheese and then the puppets got hungry and started chasing him to eat him, which was independently humorous].

At Thisbe's college, there was a comedy group that performed this song, but did not have the same people in the neighborhood. Indeed, the people in that version were not G-rated, to say the least. So of course, all Thisbe can think as she hums along is "The pornographer is a person is your neighborhood"....

Today's Project: A black and silver scarf

Today's Life Observation: Pilates is hard. A lot harder than I thought.


Best! Day! EVER!!!!!!!

OK. Some of you may have noticed a definite exasperation in Thisbe's recent posts. A certain amount of malaise, as it was (were?).

Well, all that has changed (at least for today). And why?

1) Today Thisbe & the WK joined some Kindermusik friends at a local playspace, and discovered the "gym room" - a room filled with many brightly colored mats, tubes to crawl through, things to climb over and into, and balls to throw. The WK had a *blast* and Thisbe is considering either building her own such room or alternately, living in that one.

2) Thisbe found out last night that we will be having company this weekend, somewhat unexpectedly. While this is nice, the Thisbe house was, to put it delicately, a bit of a sty, due to the exhaustion of the adults in the house. Panicked, Thisbe tried to call Cleaning Lady (who comes occasionally) and although there was initially a problem, she worked it out! So the Thisbe house is all shiny and clean and lovely!

3) For months now, Thisbe has been lamenting the unbelievably lame state of her computer. Specifically, Thisbe sent PBB out to buy a computer shortly before the WK was born, and was not very careful about identifying the particular things he should look for in a computer. Thus, he returned with a computer that appears to have been manufactured somewhere in Eastern Europe. While it performs basic computer functions (e.g. connecting to the internet, displaying a photo) it does so grudgingly, and often will refuse to do any more than that (e.g. refuses to connect to eBay, refuses to edit certain photos). It also refuses to turn off, which is just creepy.

So Thisbe has been coveting a MacBook. And during conversations with our friends at the playspace today, this topic came up. And they pointed out that the CompUSA down the road is going out of business. AND HAD AN APPLE STORE IN IT! All the MacBooks were 15% off, the AppleCare package was 40% off, and the other accoutrements were also on sale!

So Thisbe is writing this from her BRAND NEW MACBOOK!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So. Happy. Might. Cry.

Today's Project: Gazing lovingly at new MacBook while watching TV.

Today's Life Observation: Karma, she can be a b*tch, but sometimes, she hooks you UP.


RIP Heath

So, everyone knows, Heath Ledger, very talented actor, tragic death.

And especially sad because of his little girl, Matilda, who will not get to grow up with her daddy.

The Thisbe household is sends our condolences to Heath's family and loved ones. It is always hard to lose someone, but to have it happen so suddenly and so publicly must be truly devastating.

To lighten the mood (thanks Mamarazzi) here is a link to something that will hopefully make you laugh. (It is actually right on the Mamarazzi page, but just in case...)

Jerry O'Connell - I loved you on Crossing Jordan, I love you even more now.

Today's Project: Not sure yet. We'll see what we feel like knitting.

Today's Life Observation: Shout out to the gay guy at pilates! He totally made fun of the mean lady from last week on my behalf! Woooooooo!


Forget Waterboarding

[The Scene: In the car, with Thisbe, PBB, & the WK, listening to a Kindermusik CD for approximately the 597th time. The song playing is about a donkey. According to the lyrics "My donkey talk, my donkey walk, my donkey eats with a knife and fork"]

Thisbe: You know. When I listen to this song, I really understand why people go crazy and shoot other people.

PBB: Come on now. The song is just a contributing factor.

Today's Project: All paid wristies complete. Working on wristies for friends.

Today's Life Observation: Take some time to be grateful for what you have.



A few updates for Thisbe's dear readers:

1) Thisbe and the Wk returned to the scene of the crime, aka, the playground yesterday to take advantage of the last nice day before the MAJOR STORM*. Upon arriving, Thisbe discovered to her dismay that indeed, the chain of the offending swing was covered in rust. And Thisbe could not remember the last time she got a tetanus shot. So, after the playground (thankfully, without incident - although weirdly the WK seemed to like the swings *more* and not less) it was off to the walk-in clinic for a tetanus shot! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!! Not. Thisbe's arm hurts.

2) The lead who showed up to rehearsal unprepared? Is no longer a lead. She hath been axed. While Thisbe feels bad,** she is also gleeful, as the replacement is her good buddy, Ululate! YAY!!!!!!

*AKA "The storm that never actually happened". And riddle me this: how is it that we got less than 2 inches of snow, but our neighbor children were able to build a full snowman? Three big balls of body and everything??? Are they hoarding snow? Did we really get more like 4 inches but the neighbor children came and stole it to make the snowman while we were sleeping????

**Particularly as the other lead was the part Thisbe originally wanted, and Thisbe has basically been told that if Unprepared Lead hadn't shown up, then Thisbe would have gotten it. Thisbe was also told that the directors would have given Thisbe the other part upon firing Unprepared Lead, but at this point, it would make no sense as Thisbe would have to learn a whole new part and so would Thisbe's replacement. Thisbe is not terribly upset though. Thisbe loves her part. More on that in upcoming posts.

Today's Project: Completion of last pair of wristies for hire.

Today's Life Observation: Yoga is a lot harder than it looks. But still awesome.


Mommy Scars: Or, why WK can no longer go to the playground

Today, Thisbe and the WK had a playdate with Thisbe's friend Sandra and her adorable son Nate.

As it is a lovely day here, we all decided to go for a walk to the playground near Sandra's house.

We headed over to the playground chatting merrily, with WK & Nate yelling forcefully at passing squirrels, and then everyone got out of their strollers to go play.

Innocent? Right?


By this time, Thisbe had already made several critical rookie mistakes:

1) Thisbe was not wearing practical shoes, but rather, pointy (CUTE!) boots.

2) Thisbe did not bring the diaper bag.

3) Thisbe did not have a change of clothes for herself.

None of this seemed to be much of a problem until Thisbe decided to take the WK on the swings. The swings have been a sore point for the WK, as her mommy loves them, and the WK does not like them, really at all.

In an effort to endear the WK to the swings, Thisbe thought we could go on the swing together.




The WK is physically fine (pupils dilating, cheerful, eating, etc.), as she fell entirely on Thisbe (evidenced by the fact that her outfit has not one iota of mud on it). And really, was just upset to be taken off the slide.

Thisbe? Covered in mud. Lacerated finger. Right arm bruised from inside of elbow to wrist. Also, blisters from walking in stupid cute boots.* Had to return to Sandra's house immediately to administer first aid to finger and borrow sweatpants and sweatshirt from Sandra.

Also, Thisbe is convinced that the WK will be scarred for life, and refuse to ever go on a swing again. Indeed, at some point in kindergarten she'll probably have some kind of PTSD flashback at recess and Thisbe will be called into the principal's office to explain why her daughter was found curled in the fetal position under the swings, sobbing. Fantastic.

*In Thisbe's defense, the playdate was not scheduled for any walking, but rather sitting at Sandra's house and watching the little ones play.

Today's Project: No knitting. Sitting quietly on the couch while the WK naps.

Today's Life Observation: Should have stuck to the slide.


I know you're never supposed to talk about it....

...but. Politics.

Look. Thisbe is trying to be as calm and openminded as the next person, but she has to ask: SERIOUSLY REPUBLICANS*???? SERIOUSLY????? Your choice appears to be Huckabee?

Can anyone clarify this for Thisbe? Is Thisbe somehow mistaken that he appears to be insane? Did anyone else see his patent LIE regarding Pakistani immigrants when Bhutto was assassinated?

Ok. Sorry. Sorry. Thisbe understands that politics are quite a hot-button issue, and that somewhere out there there are people who (for reasons that completely escape Thisbe) love themselves some Huckabee, but COME. ON.

How about Romney, Republicans? He seems to be pretty rational. Admittedly a little mean, but at least he does not appear to just intentionally *lying*.

Sorry. Ok. I'll stop now.

*Note to Republicans who do not like Huckabee, sorry to lump you into one group there, but if it makes you feel any better, Thisbe wants John Edwards, and it doesn't seem like the rest of the Democrats are listening. DEMOCRATS! ARE YOU ALL IDIOTS? NOMINATE EDWARDS!!!!!

Today's Project: Finished Spiderweb Scarf. Two sets of wristies to go.

Today's Life Observation: One can never be too young for Madonna.



Tonight was my first rehearsal for our spring G & S show, in which (the universe willing) I will be playing a lead.

I was quite concerned about the rehearsal, as I have the MOTHER of all colds, and was not terribly pleased about having to sing in front of the whole group hacking and wheezing and generally not at 100%.

However, my issues *paled* in comparison to that of one of the other leads, who, despite being cast in October, apparently chose not to look at her music until tonight.

Music director? Not amused.

Conversely, the pinnacle of the night was meeting our new stage director.


Is it wrong that Thisbe wants to just put him in her pocket and bring him home? He started a company that focuses on educational youth theater!!!! LOVE!!!! LOVE I SAY!!!!!

[Sigh] He's dreamy. He instructed Thisbe to wear funky boots to rehearsal on Monday to get into character. How we love him so.

Today's Project: Olive Green Spiderweb Scarf

Today's Life Observation: Drunken guys in bars? Should not start conversations about shoes. Anyone's shoes.