Are you laughing with me?

PBB & Thisbe are two *very* different people. People who love each other. But different people.

Nowhere is this more apparent then when they are watching television.

PBB laughs out loud constantly. Indeed, he has woken up the WK with his laughter. Thisbe rarely, if ever, laughs out loud. This does not mean that she does not find something to be funny, but she just doesn't laugh out loud at TV, or when reading a book or magazine, or watching a movie.

There are exceptions to this phenomenon.

One of them is the incredibly stupid, but hilarious movie Just Friends. I have no idea why it is so funny. Maybe no one but Thisbe and PBB think it is funny. But every time Thisbe sees it, she laughs hysterically, out loud. [Anna Faris, I have not given you the credit you deserve: I like girls! DARLA!].

The other exception is a book that Thisbe read a couple of weeks ago. Thisbe will be revealing the name of this book in an upcoming post, however (not to hype it too much): THIS BOOK IS THE FUNNIEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ.

This book was so awesome that Thisbe is in the process of purchasing it for all of her RL friends, as several of them have upcoming birthdays (ahem, Weef, ahem 5280Mommy) or birthday presents owed to them (ahem, Little Blond), and I have to say, it will be one of my greatest presents ever.

As soon as the books are purchased and distributed, I will write a longer post about it, but I just had to point out: I laughed out loud *through the entire book*. This has never happened before. And I have some funny books.

Today's Project: Keep watching this space, we are now days away from an announcement.
Today's Life Observation: No matter what the dentist says? Getting a cavity filled is not fun.