These are the people in my neighborhood...

So. Those of you who went to college with Thisbe will get this. The rest of you may or may not find it funny.

Currently, the WK is watching Sesame Street. On today's episode, Ben Stiller and Telly the monster are singing the classic Sesame Street song "Who are the people in your neighborhood". [Unrelated: at the end of the song Ben Stiller dressed up like a giant cheese and then the puppets got hungry and started chasing him to eat him, which was independently humorous].

At Thisbe's college, there was a comedy group that performed this song, but did not have the same people in the neighborhood. Indeed, the people in that version were not G-rated, to say the least. So of course, all Thisbe can think as she hums along is "The pornographer is a person is your neighborhood"....

Today's Project: A black and silver scarf

Today's Life Observation: Pilates is hard. A lot harder than I thought.


Best! Day! EVER!!!!!!!

OK. Some of you may have noticed a definite exasperation in Thisbe's recent posts. A certain amount of malaise, as it was (were?).

Well, all that has changed (at least for today). And why?

1) Today Thisbe & the WK joined some Kindermusik friends at a local playspace, and discovered the "gym room" - a room filled with many brightly colored mats, tubes to crawl through, things to climb over and into, and balls to throw. The WK had a *blast* and Thisbe is considering either building her own such room or alternately, living in that one.

2) Thisbe found out last night that we will be having company this weekend, somewhat unexpectedly. While this is nice, the Thisbe house was, to put it delicately, a bit of a sty, due to the exhaustion of the adults in the house. Panicked, Thisbe tried to call Cleaning Lady (who comes occasionally) and although there was initially a problem, she worked it out! So the Thisbe house is all shiny and clean and lovely!

3) For months now, Thisbe has been lamenting the unbelievably lame state of her computer. Specifically, Thisbe sent PBB out to buy a computer shortly before the WK was born, and was not very careful about identifying the particular things he should look for in a computer. Thus, he returned with a computer that appears to have been manufactured somewhere in Eastern Europe. While it performs basic computer functions (e.g. connecting to the internet, displaying a photo) it does so grudgingly, and often will refuse to do any more than that (e.g. refuses to connect to eBay, refuses to edit certain photos). It also refuses to turn off, which is just creepy.

So Thisbe has been coveting a MacBook. And during conversations with our friends at the playspace today, this topic came up. And they pointed out that the CompUSA down the road is going out of business. AND HAD AN APPLE STORE IN IT! All the MacBooks were 15% off, the AppleCare package was 40% off, and the other accoutrements were also on sale!

So Thisbe is writing this from her BRAND NEW MACBOOK!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So. Happy. Might. Cry.

Today's Project: Gazing lovingly at new MacBook while watching TV.

Today's Life Observation: Karma, she can be a b*tch, but sometimes, she hooks you UP.


RIP Heath

So, everyone knows, Heath Ledger, very talented actor, tragic death.

And especially sad because of his little girl, Matilda, who will not get to grow up with her daddy.

The Thisbe household is sends our condolences to Heath's family and loved ones. It is always hard to lose someone, but to have it happen so suddenly and so publicly must be truly devastating.

To lighten the mood (thanks Mamarazzi) here is a link to something that will hopefully make you laugh. (It is actually right on the Mamarazzi page, but just in case...)

Jerry O'Connell - I loved you on Crossing Jordan, I love you even more now.

Today's Project: Not sure yet. We'll see what we feel like knitting.

Today's Life Observation: Shout out to the gay guy at pilates! He totally made fun of the mean lady from last week on my behalf! Woooooooo!


Forget Waterboarding

[The Scene: In the car, with Thisbe, PBB, & the WK, listening to a Kindermusik CD for approximately the 597th time. The song playing is about a donkey. According to the lyrics "My donkey talk, my donkey walk, my donkey eats with a knife and fork"]

Thisbe: You know. When I listen to this song, I really understand why people go crazy and shoot other people.

PBB: Come on now. The song is just a contributing factor.

Today's Project: All paid wristies complete. Working on wristies for friends.

Today's Life Observation: Take some time to be grateful for what you have.



A few updates for Thisbe's dear readers:

1) Thisbe and the Wk returned to the scene of the crime, aka, the playground yesterday to take advantage of the last nice day before the MAJOR STORM*. Upon arriving, Thisbe discovered to her dismay that indeed, the chain of the offending swing was covered in rust. And Thisbe could not remember the last time she got a tetanus shot. So, after the playground (thankfully, without incident - although weirdly the WK seemed to like the swings *more* and not less) it was off to the walk-in clinic for a tetanus shot! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!! Not. Thisbe's arm hurts.

2) The lead who showed up to rehearsal unprepared? Is no longer a lead. She hath been axed. While Thisbe feels bad,** she is also gleeful, as the replacement is her good buddy, Ululate! YAY!!!!!!

*AKA "The storm that never actually happened". And riddle me this: how is it that we got less than 2 inches of snow, but our neighbor children were able to build a full snowman? Three big balls of body and everything??? Are they hoarding snow? Did we really get more like 4 inches but the neighbor children came and stole it to make the snowman while we were sleeping????

**Particularly as the other lead was the part Thisbe originally wanted, and Thisbe has basically been told that if Unprepared Lead hadn't shown up, then Thisbe would have gotten it. Thisbe was also told that the directors would have given Thisbe the other part upon firing Unprepared Lead, but at this point, it would make no sense as Thisbe would have to learn a whole new part and so would Thisbe's replacement. Thisbe is not terribly upset though. Thisbe loves her part. More on that in upcoming posts.

Today's Project: Completion of last pair of wristies for hire.

Today's Life Observation: Yoga is a lot harder than it looks. But still awesome.


Mommy Scars: Or, why WK can no longer go to the playground

Today, Thisbe and the WK had a playdate with Thisbe's friend Sandra and her adorable son Nate.

As it is a lovely day here, we all decided to go for a walk to the playground near Sandra's house.

We headed over to the playground chatting merrily, with WK & Nate yelling forcefully at passing squirrels, and then everyone got out of their strollers to go play.

Innocent? Right?


By this time, Thisbe had already made several critical rookie mistakes:

1) Thisbe was not wearing practical shoes, but rather, pointy (CUTE!) boots.

2) Thisbe did not bring the diaper bag.

3) Thisbe did not have a change of clothes for herself.

None of this seemed to be much of a problem until Thisbe decided to take the WK on the swings. The swings have been a sore point for the WK, as her mommy loves them, and the WK does not like them, really at all.

In an effort to endear the WK to the swings, Thisbe thought we could go on the swing together.




The WK is physically fine (pupils dilating, cheerful, eating, etc.), as she fell entirely on Thisbe (evidenced by the fact that her outfit has not one iota of mud on it). And really, was just upset to be taken off the slide.

Thisbe? Covered in mud. Lacerated finger. Right arm bruised from inside of elbow to wrist. Also, blisters from walking in stupid cute boots.* Had to return to Sandra's house immediately to administer first aid to finger and borrow sweatpants and sweatshirt from Sandra.

Also, Thisbe is convinced that the WK will be scarred for life, and refuse to ever go on a swing again. Indeed, at some point in kindergarten she'll probably have some kind of PTSD flashback at recess and Thisbe will be called into the principal's office to explain why her daughter was found curled in the fetal position under the swings, sobbing. Fantastic.

*In Thisbe's defense, the playdate was not scheduled for any walking, but rather sitting at Sandra's house and watching the little ones play.

Today's Project: No knitting. Sitting quietly on the couch while the WK naps.

Today's Life Observation: Should have stuck to the slide.


I know you're never supposed to talk about it....

...but. Politics.

Look. Thisbe is trying to be as calm and openminded as the next person, but she has to ask: SERIOUSLY REPUBLICANS*???? SERIOUSLY????? Your choice appears to be Huckabee?

Can anyone clarify this for Thisbe? Is Thisbe somehow mistaken that he appears to be insane? Did anyone else see his patent LIE regarding Pakistani immigrants when Bhutto was assassinated?

Ok. Sorry. Sorry. Thisbe understands that politics are quite a hot-button issue, and that somewhere out there there are people who (for reasons that completely escape Thisbe) love themselves some Huckabee, but COME. ON.

How about Romney, Republicans? He seems to be pretty rational. Admittedly a little mean, but at least he does not appear to just intentionally *lying*.

Sorry. Ok. I'll stop now.

*Note to Republicans who do not like Huckabee, sorry to lump you into one group there, but if it makes you feel any better, Thisbe wants John Edwards, and it doesn't seem like the rest of the Democrats are listening. DEMOCRATS! ARE YOU ALL IDIOTS? NOMINATE EDWARDS!!!!!

Today's Project: Finished Spiderweb Scarf. Two sets of wristies to go.

Today's Life Observation: One can never be too young for Madonna.



Tonight was my first rehearsal for our spring G & S show, in which (the universe willing) I will be playing a lead.

I was quite concerned about the rehearsal, as I have the MOTHER of all colds, and was not terribly pleased about having to sing in front of the whole group hacking and wheezing and generally not at 100%.

However, my issues *paled* in comparison to that of one of the other leads, who, despite being cast in October, apparently chose not to look at her music until tonight.

Music director? Not amused.

Conversely, the pinnacle of the night was meeting our new stage director.


Is it wrong that Thisbe wants to just put him in her pocket and bring him home? He started a company that focuses on educational youth theater!!!! LOVE!!!! LOVE I SAY!!!!!

[Sigh] He's dreamy. He instructed Thisbe to wear funky boots to rehearsal on Monday to get into character. How we love him so.

Today's Project: Olive Green Spiderweb Scarf

Today's Life Observation: Drunken guys in bars? Should not start conversations about shoes. Anyone's shoes.