Thisbe just loves some pirates.** And Thisbe saw the 8pm showing of Pirates of The Caribbean 3 last night. For those of you who are planning on seeing it this weekend, Thisbe will not give away any of the movie info except to say: Orlando Bloom? WAY hotter than he was in previous movies. Much more dark and brooding. Yum.

Also, someone gets to be a Pirate King. Thisbe is extremely jealous. Thisbe has *always* wanted to be the Pirate King. This Pirate King did not sing the great G & S song though, so, Thisbe is slightly less jealous. Just slightly.

**But not enough to watch the UNBELIEVABLY STUPID reality show where people pretend to be pirates to win money.

Today's Project: Vest to hopefully wear to a wedding this weekend

Today's Life Observation: Arrrrrrrrr!


Happy Birthday Wee Kraken!!!!

One year ago today, was the best day of my life.*
And here she is.
*Tied, of course, with my wedding day

Today's Project: Completion of party favors for a very special first birthday party

Today's Life Observation: The Thisbe family is so lucky to have such a wonderful girl.