The Goat.

So, along US-1, not far from my house, lives a goat. This is rather odd considering that although I live in the suburbs I do not live in a place where people generally keep goats, and this particular goat resides on what is a very busy stretch of road. It is not a place you would expect to see a goat.

I discovered The Goat on the way to the grocery store about a year ago. I was sitting at a traffic light and glanced out of the window at what I initially thought was a man walking a dog. Until I realized that the dog had a beard and was chewing on something. Then the light turned and I had to drive away, but I immediately called my husband to report what I had seen. He confirmed that indeed, The Goat existed, as he (my husband) had also seen The Goat and had even asked our veterinarian about it, and she said that The Goat exists (and apparently receives regular check-ups).

After discussion with other colleagues who live in my town, I found out that goat-spotting is something of an underground game, and it is now with great enthusiasm that I await a trip past The Goat's house to see if he is around.

I have not seen The Goat outside in quite some time, but his owner has thoughtfully placed a table by the front window of his house, and several times I have seen The Goat silhouetted in the window. The Goat seems to really enjoy looking out the window. Every time I see him it makes me happy. For no reason.

Today's project: The Pink Sweater Project beat goes on. I have finished the right side and begun work on the left. I am concerned that the recipient of this sweater will not appreciate how difficult it was to create, considering how simple it looks.

Today's life observation: Simple things really can make you happy. We went to Stew Leonard's over the weekend and I got several very exciting food items, and I was so happy I was practically doing a dance in the checkout line. I love you Stew's! I especially love your grapefruit juice and animatronic dancing fruits and vegetables. ["I am Chiquita Banana and I'm here to say...."]


Picture People.

Today I went with my sister-in-law, two nieces, and wee daughter to attempt to have a picture taken of the three of them together. I say attempt, because it is not possible to get three children under the age of four, one of whom cannot sit up on her own, to all sit/stand still, look at the camera, and smile. We were only marginally successful, in the sense that we got a picture of all three of them in one frame.

Today's project: The Pink Sweater Project continues. I have completed the back, and I am almost done with the right sleeve and front. For future reference? Garter stitch sweaters may look simple, but may not be.

Today's life observation: If you are caught in a thunderstorm so severe that a shopping cart is moved across the parking lot by the sheer force of the stormy activity, it is best to remain where you are. Even if you are trapped in the mall. Go get some Starbucks or something.


....and while my tiny wee kraken slumbers...

I begin this blog.

I have long resisted writing any sort of blog, fearing the prying eyes of internet stalkers and identity thieves and whatnot, but, as I find myself with quite a bit of time on my hands, and because I needed to sign up for blogspot to post a comment on another blog, here I am.

I am hoping to use this blog mainly to discuss fun projects that I am knitting, and various life epiphanies/observations that I have while doing so.

Today's Project: A pink sweater I am knitting for a friend's brand new baby girl. [Pink Sweater Project]. The pattern is Debbie Bliss, the yarn is Debbie Bliss cotton dk. So far, the sweater is not difficult, but is irritating because it requires the knitter to strictly count each row. I think I am about halfway through it.

Today's life observation: the more bags you carry, the more likely it is that you will leave one at the grocery store. And the more likely it is that the bag you will leave will be your purse. [Shout out to whoever returned my purse to the Stop n' Shop people without stealing anything from it!].