The scene: Thisbe's couch. Thisbe is trying to settle down and take a nap, or at least rest, as the WK woke up approximately 50 times last night to talk to her stuffed cat, and was finally taking a nap.

The phone rings, it is PBB:

PBB: Hey! Ready for me to ruin your day?
Thisbe: [Instantly wary, as tone of voice does not match words] Why? What happened?
PBB: Guess who is in Managing Partner's office RIGHT NOW interviewing for a job, and probably getting an offer?
Thisbe: [Increasingly anxious] Who?
Thisbe; [Incoherent screaming and babbling, curling like a shrimp into a ball] Noooooooooooooooo
PBB: I am trying to stop it.
Thisbe: [sobbing]

Upshot: MOST EVIL MEAN GIRL got an offer. All of the horrible events and anxiety from that period of Thisbe's life will now be working down the hall from PBB. Thisbe will have to see her if she wants to go to any firm event or visit PBB at the office. Thisbe will be drinking a pitcher of sangria and crying for the rest of the evening.

*MOST EVIL MEAN GIRL was the leader of the clique of mean girls who tortured Thisbe into near insanity at her last law firm job. Thisbe wishes this was some sort of descriptive hyperbole, but it is not. Fun games played by MEMG included (but were not limited to) gathering associates in her office to make fun of Thisbe, when Thisbe could HEAR THEM THROUGH THE WALLS, badmouthing Thisbe to people who worked at other firms, lying about what she said to other firms and blaming it on Thisbe, and generally behaving as cruelly as possible to Thisbe.

Today's Project: [sobbing]

Todays LIfe Observation: [sobbing]



Dear Criminal Minds:

Blowing up one team member? And showing us each member getting into a separate, yet identical, car? SO THAT THISBE MUST WONDER ALL SUMMER WHO GOT BLOWN UP????* Criminal INDEED.

Also, Ugly Betty, and Grey's Anatomy? Do not be pulling this sort of crap tonight. Thisbe has no patience for it right now.

Today's Project: Finishing up gray sparkly shawl

Today's Life Observation: One bad apple spoiled my whole group. How I hate that apple.

*And don't *EVEN* tell me you blew up the cute, newly pregnant woman. Or the tall geeky guy who is my favorite. Or any of them. Damn you, Criminal Minds! Why must you mess with the team at the BAU, they are a FAMILY. Don't you know ANYTHING? It's like you've been watching too much 24. Except that it isn't on. [Jack! How I miss you! But I digress]



Dear Desperate Housewives:

You suck. Your cliffhanger season finale makes me want to scream. And not in the good, "Ooooh! I can't wait to see what happens!" way, but rather in the "Oooooh! Someone just stabbed me in the eye with a fork!" Your Susan plotline makes no sense! It is stupid! The thing with Kathryn - you sure tied up some loose ends there! Again! STUPID! GAH!


Argh. Television. I wish I could quit you.

Angrily yours,



This is Thisbe's 100th post! Yes. Some of you have been dedicated enough (or bored enough) to read 100 posts by Thisbe. We here at Thisbe's Knits salute you, intrepid readers. And we promise to make the next 100 posts full of more fun, more stories of Thisbe's inanity, the patience of PBB, the WK's hilarity, and general amusement for all.

In other news: Today Thisbe GARDENED. That's right. You might need to sit down. We understand. It is a shock, what with Thisbe generally being a bit of a slacker in the homemaker department. But indeed, the rumors are true. Today Thisbe, PBB & the WK selected some bee-yoo-ti-ful flowers* and had a family fun activity of planting them in our front flower beds. Now our front yard is all pretty, and Thisbe just wants to go out and admire her flowers. Except that it is raining. Soooo, apparently admiring of flowers will have to wait until tomorrow. Or happen from the window.

The WK, while excited about the prospect of digging with her tiny pink shovel, was actually counterproductive in the process. And yet? Still managed to be covered in dirt almost immediately.

So all in all, quite the red letter day.

Today's project: Gray shawl

Today's Life Observation: Family really can make it fun.

*Multicolored Double begonias and snapdragons, an azalea bush and a rhododendron.


Brilliance or Insanity?

1. Albert's Mofango House. Thisbe encountered this establishment while taking a friend home from a fun outing in the Big City last night. It features a large, brightly colored sign with a picture. Other passengers in the car posited that the picture was a muffin, a bowl of rice, ice cream, and an African-American man with a white afro. All Thisbe will say is: we were WAY off. Also, the actual item is far less exciting. And appealing.

2. The Something Store. According to this site, you send them $10 and they send you "something". Items sent recently include a Starbucks gift set, an RC speed racer, and a clock/calendar/weather thing. Or you could donate $10. Or burn it.

3. [Ok. This one is neither brilliance or insanity, but just stupidity]. Overheard at local phone store:
Phone Guy: So here is where your menu is, and then you go here to text....
Woman: OH! Good. Because I wanted to text my vote on Dancing With the Stars, but I couldn't figure out how.
Thisbe: [To self, inner monologue] Ma'am. I am not sure what the most disturbing part of that sentence is, but I am driving away before you get behind the wheel of a car.

Today's Project: Shawl for pay.

Today's Life Observation: Mac n' cheese makes any day a good day.


So Pretty.

Take a look at Thisbe's beautiful Lilies of the Valley.

Gimmelgirl. You are fabulous.

Today's Project: Did Thisbe mention the sunny? And therefore, the lazy?

Today's Life Observation: Politics are ugly. No matter what.


Adventure Time with Thisbe & The Little Blonde!

So. You thought Thisbe was lame. You thought that Thisbe just sat around all day, watching re-runs of Crossing Jordan (Woody! I love you! Call me!) and dancing at the whim of the tiny dictator that is the WK. (BENATAR MOMMY!!!!!)

But NO. Thisbe is cool. Oh yeah. Thisbe is hip and happening.

Thisbe went to Brooklyn and met Dooce, her husband Jon, Laid-off Dad, and Finslippy.

That's right. Try to turn your complexions back to normal, as you are green with envy.

All except the Little Blonde, who was the Thelma to my Louise on this adventure. (Or vice versa. Which one of them was the one who drove? She was that one.)

On Wednesday, The Little Blonde & Thisbe drove to Brooklyn for an impromptu book signing/meet-and-greet. Initially we had some concerns that we would be viewed as insane blog-stalking Stepford wives. Indeed, upon getting to Brooklyn, we had concerns that some sort of hipster police would appear and politely ask us to take our very non-cool selves back to Stepford.

Yet, there were no such incidents. Surprisingly, we didn't even stick out in the crowd of people who had arrived to worship the bloggers. Frankly, we were significantly less "enthusiastic" than many of the people there.

Dooce, Jon, LOD and Finslippy could not have been nicer or more fun. They were totally down-to-earth, and although every reader thinks they would be BFF with certain bloggers, The Little Blonde & Thisbe left desperately wishing we *could* be BFF with them.* They were all just as excited to talk to their fans as the fans were to see them. The Little Blonde and Dooce bonded over their southern childhoods and Thisbe slavered over Finslippy's AWESOME shoes. [Truly. These shoes rocked my world. Finslippy, I tell you, Zappos cannot get them to my house fast enough].

There was all sorts of book signing and picture taking, and the atmosphere was very relaxed, and sort of had a happy-hour vibe. Barnes and Noble? You may want to consider getting your liquor license. I'm just saying.

In addition, it was particularly fantastic that Thisbe and The Little Blonde were able to experience this Adventure together, as The Little Blonde recently announced that she has sold her house and is returning to her Southern roots [Insert sound of Thisbe's uncontrollable sobbing here]. Thisbe will miss her terribly, especially since she routinely comes up with gems like this:

LB: Man, if it were possible, I'd be all over that like a duck on a junebug.
T: [Staring silently at LB, stunned. Finally finds words]. Um. WHAT????
LB: You know, like a duck? On a junebug? WHOMP! [Makes "whomping" motion]
T: [Cannot speak. Laughing for 10 straight minutes].
LB: Come on. You must have heard that before? Whomp?
T: [Crying, as she is laughing so hard].

People. Thisbe cannot make this stuff up.

Below, pictures of Thisbe and the Little Blonde with Dooce, Jon, and Finslippy, and then one with Laid-off Dad.

*One thing we felt bad about was our failure to bring an offering to the bloggers. But we were sort of stymied by what would be an appropriate gift. Let's face it, would you eat food made by someone who is essentially stalking you on the Internet? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Today's Project: So behind. Must work on knitting. But the sun is so pretty.

Today's Life Observation: It's fun to do something impromptu. And to use the word "impromptu".



I can't believe she's two. Such a big girl. Thisbe loves her so much.

Luckiest Mommy in the world, two years and counting....

Today's Project: Finishing up wristies. Getting back to socks & shawl

Today's Life Observation: WK. You are the best girl ever!