Update: We have a winner!!!!

Major kudos to Gimmelgirl, who actually sent Thisbe a beautiful pot of Lillies of the Valley! The Hermione hat she has been coveting will be hers.

Also, she totally rocks, as this was, to say the least, a timely gift. Thisbe has been doubting the human race in a big way for the last week or so.

Gimmelgirl, you are the best. Thisbe loves you so.

Today's Project: Finishing up some wristies, looking for Hermione hat

Today's Life Observation: Just when you think no one cares, someone proves you wrong.


With Salt?

So. Question of the day: What is Margarita Island?

Answer: Not an island with unlimited frosty alcoholic beverages (as posited by Thisbe). Rather, it is an island in Venezuela. And Thisbe & PBB have been invited to a wedding there.

Indeed, this was just about the most high maintenance wedding invitation Thisbe has ever received. The invitation came in a box (adorned with a small shell) and was sent in an overnight envelope. The bride is an associate at PBB's office. We are flattered by the invite, but suspect that this may be one of those invitations that is a formality, rather than something we are expected to attend. However, we are both intrigued by the location and sorely tempted to call her bluff. I imagine she would be quite taken aback if we did [Where the hell am I supposed to seat these people??????].

Today's Project: Finishing up some wristies

Todays' Life Observation: Every single thing Thisbe does? Could be done by a nanny, cook, or housekeeper. So Thisbe is essentially obsolete.


A few of my favorite things

OK. First person to get Thisbe some lilies of the valley gets her undying gratitude and potentially a handknitted item of their choice.

When Thisbe was a child, there was a house near hers that had enormous clumps of lilies of the valley growing right by the sidewalk, and they did not care if we picked some. And they would bloom every year in late April or early May. Thisbe loves how tiny and perfect each little flower is and the really delicate perfume. They are the very best flower. They are Thisbe's absolute favorite flower.

It is spring! Thisbe needs her lilies of the valley!!!!!!!

Today's Project: 2 loads of laundry

Today's Life Observation: Still looking for my 6 words


So, one of the blogs that Thisbe reads regularly is by the very fabulous Jen Lancaster.

It is worth checking out her entry from yesterday, which asks her readers to summarize their life in 6 words, ala Hemingway's legendary bet. Some of them are funny, some of them are heartbreaking. It is absolutely riveting to read. And quick, as they are only words apiece.

Thisbe has not yet figured out her six words....update to follow......

Today's Project: Unsure. Wristies or socks, or maybe shawl

Today's Life Observation: [To be filled in with 6 words]


Um. DUH.

Yeah. So this was a headline article on MSNBC.

Apparently, eating lots of fattening, sugary, unhealthy foods? Can be a health risk.

I mean, really, who knew?

Today's Project: Wristies. Sigh.

Today's Life Observation: The nature museum near us finally replaced the bunny that had, um, "gone away". There are now two bunnies. Surprisingly (not) they do not like being screamed at (with joy) by a two year old.


Not one of Thisbe's 100 things

So. Thisbe's good buddy, Music Director had a concert on Friday. And he indicated that it was an actual important concert. And as he has many, many, many, concerts, which Thisbe generally does not attend, Thisbe felt like she should make a little effort and go.

Upon questioning Music Director, Thisbe found out that the concert was at the State University campus, which Thisbe (naively) believed was not far from capital (approximately 45 minutes from Thisbe's house). Also, as this University routinely plays Thisbe's beloved Orangemen, Thisbe thought it would be a good idea to find out how far she would have to drive to see a game. It is also one of those places in the state that everyone seems to have visited at some point, and Thisbe never had.

So really, it would be fun! An adventure! A teeny tiny road trip! Right? RIGHT?????

Yeah. Not. As it turns out, State University campus is very, very, far from Thisbe's house. More like 90 minutes. And in the middle of NOWHERE. NOWHERE I SAY. And remember, Thisbe went to law school in Ithaca. There weren't even restaurants out near this school. (Let's face it, at least there was the Collegetown Bagels, Wendy's, Franco's, and the Nines in Collegetown. Not to mention Wegman's a short drive away. There was food. No such luck at State University. Although we did see a sketchy Thai restaurant. Let us hope the students are big fans of Thai food).

This place made Ithaca look like an urban jungle. At any moment Thisbe expected to be cornered by herds of angry and bored cattle that were going to harass Thisbe and her friend just for amusement. It also rained for most of the drive. WK can never attend this school because Thisbe is convinced she would immediately turn to drugs and alcohol out of sheer boredom.

However, in all fairness, there were three positives to the evening:

1) Thisbe was joined on her expedition by her other good friend, the Drama Queen, who kept Thisbe awake and entertained on the lengthy drive to and from State University.

2) Thisbe and the Drama Queen stopped at a restaurant near (read: several miles from) the State University called "Kathy John's" which advertised "Food and Ice Cream" and which did not disappoint. It was perhaps one of the most fabulous restaurants Thisbe has visited in some time. In addition to the fact that there was not one healthy menu offering, the restaurant had a small store attached to it which sold, among other things: embroidered lavender scented pillows, a vast array of beanie babies, stickers, several fancy paper lanterns and lamps, and the largest selection of rubber stamps and stamp paraphernalia that I have ever seen. Have some chicken fingers! And make a greeting card with kitten stamp! And a heart shaped hole punch!!!

3) The concert was really lovely. Music Director, in addition to being an all-around good guy*, is a very talented musician. While Thisbe is not a particularly big fan of Mozart's Requiem he did a great job, and is a lot of fun to watch (and not just because his pants almost fell down. True Story.). The soloists and choir were excellent, as was the orchestra.

*Thisbe should point out here that Music Director was invaluable during her show, and put up with a lot of Thisbe's general freaking out about the show and attendant show issues with good humor. Plus, he drove Thisbe's sorry drunken self home from the cast party and did not make fun of her, AND did not even give her a hard time when her drunken directions resulted in his driving aimlessly around a very rural area at 2am. As the WK would say: BIG HUG for Music Director.

Today's Project: Socks. Recipient seems more grateful.

Today's Life Observation: Today I saw a banana split that was bigger than the WK. And I was afraid.



My boyfriend is the dreamiest.

He's handsome, and sexy, and he gives millions of dollars to charity.

AND he can make a porkpie hat look good.

(Spare me the emails about how he is crazy, or how he is already dating some woman, or how I am crazy and he is not really my boyfriend. How I love him so).

Today's Project: No more socks.

Today's Life Observation: There is a Rita's Water Ice! 10 minutes from my house! YAY!


....to the Gaglz family on the birth of Damon Danger! We can't wait to meet him!

Today's Project: Socks. But we are getting sick of making socks for people who don't give a da*n

Today's Life Observation: A long walk by the ocean will really clear your head.


I forgot to tell you....


Or more specifically this is awesome.

Yet another shout-out to the Little Blond for alerting me to this Twitter.

Which, I must admit, made me laugh out loud.

Today's Project: Socks

Today's Life Observation: The robins on my street are enormously fat. I think they might be carnivorous.



OK. So, recently it was pointed out to me that I discuss some people on this blog with a great deal of frequency, and other people, who are prominent in my life, are basically not mentioned at all.

So to clarify, lest some people feel unloved, the only reason that certain persons are mentioned while others are not, is because Thisbe is very conscious that the Web is a vast and scary place full of creepy lurking people. Thisbe is therefore uneasy mentioning people who don't already put themselves out there (e.g. have their own blog, website, livejournal, etc.), as they might not want such creepy lurking people reading about them.*

So, dear readers, if you feel slighted in some way, my apologies. I will make a concerted effort to mention or identify more of you UNLESS YOU TELL ME NOT TO DO SO.

Because, let's face it. You people are quite entertaining.

*Indeed, at least one person specifically requested to never be mentioned on this blog

Today's Project: Socks!

Today's Life Observation: It may not be winter forever! Thisbe saw ACTUAL SPRING FLOWERS today.


Complaint Department

Thisbe would normally put this post in letter form, but is feeling lazy. So, in no particular order, here are some things that are driving Thisbe NUTS.

1. Traffic on the 2 lane road we must travel to take the WK to her Kindermusik class. WHY? You're repairing a road, not constructing the Taj Mahal, FIGURE OUT HOW TO PROPERLY DIVERT TRAFFIC YOU IDIOTS. GAH.

2. Hey Richard? From Top Chef? If you "smoke" one more thing I am officially going to be forced to root against you on principle. Quit it with your stupid smoking crap. Cook something. To be cliche: It is not "Top Smoker". Argh.

3. Not so much a complaint, but notable: Martha Stewart's entry on her blog today: Donkey Cleaning 101. Not sure how this is relevant to the average reader.

4. WK: I love you more than I love anyone in this world, but if you do not stop crying in the car every time you drop something (roughly every 30 seconds), there is a serious chance that Thisbe will drop you off at PBB's office and drive, Thelma & Louise-like, onward to Mexico.

5. All the people who fail to return my emails. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. [Note that Thisbe is a complete hypocrite here, as she often fails to return email].

6. Retail merchants: Thisbe has finally lost enough weight to try on pants. Why must you manufacture pants in styles only for women who have no a$$es and no hips? Why must there be a 4 inch gap between my back and the back of the pants? WOMEN HAVE CURVES. MAKE US SOME FREAKING PANTS ALREADY.

7. Television: The strike is over. BRING BACK MY SHOWS. RIGHT. FREAKING. NOW.

8. Universe: enough with the low-level annoyance. I'm done. Please just give me a few days off. And for the record, this does not mean that I am looking for serious-level annoyance. I'd like just a few days of quiet.

OK. Enough with the grousing. Happier posts to resume shortly.

Today's Project: Perhaps socks. Perhaps a shawl. Perhaps wristies.

Today's Life Observation: Sesame Street: semi-irritating children's show, or fount of all knowledge?