Why I hate Clowns.....

OK. So we all know that Thisbe hates clowns.* And you can all post comments for me about how they are cute and engaging, and lovely, and why do I hate the cheerful little scamps?

And I have one word for you people: Bello.

The In-Laws took us, and the WK to see Bello in October, and since then, it has been a non-stop Bello-logue in our house.

Every morning? WK is yelling at Bello: "BELLO! I SAY NO! I SAY NO, BELLO!"

Every day, in the car? WK insists on singing the Bello theme song: "It's a BELLO BELLO BELLO BELLO BELLO BELLO BELLO BELLO-BRAAAAAAAATION!!!!"

Every night? Recap of what WK & Bello did today: "So I say, Bello, NO! And then he go up. And then he take the blanket, and I say, BELLO! NO!.........

[As an aside, for all that the WK insists that Bello loves her, and is her best friend, etc., etc., she yells at him a LOT]

[One other aside: the extensive discussion of Bello has been massively abbreviated for Thisbe's sanity]

Every night, after the day's Bello overload? Heavy drinking.

But Thisbe has a plan. Bello, say hello to THE LION KING.

Today's project: Mishmash of knitting and recovering from the weekend

Today's Life Observation: Men are wonderful, but they can be stupid. ;)

*Because they are terrifying, and because they eat people. Don't even try to persuade me otherwise.

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Weef! said...

Lion King. We like The Lion King-- much better than the clowns!