Where you BEEN AT?

Yes. So. Thisbe just looked at this blog and, WHOA! It's been over 2 months since we've been here.

And the obvious question is what the blogspot have you been doing with your time, woman?

Well. We'd like to tell you that we've been curing cancer, or brokering world peace, but that would be unfortunately, inaccurate.

Rather, there's been a lot of the following activities:

1) Driving the WK to and from places. It is my understanding that this activity is going to increase exponentially until she gets her driver's license, and then unless we provide her with a vehicle of her very own, this activity will be replaced by Calling and screaming at the not-so-WK to a) get home RIGHT now and b) DRIVE CAREFULLY!!! Not to mention that there is at least another 13+ years of the chauffeuring to go. Sigh.

2) Rehearsing for children's shows. Upshot: way low key. Low key to the point that often rehearsals for the last show resembled more of a prelude to the drinking that followed. Up next: Alice in Wonderland, starring, yours truly!

3) Offstage drama with several different friends. Oh. You know who you are. And so there was the breaking up with friends, passive aggressive sniping with/at/from friends, actual hollering at friends, and getting back together with friends, etc., etc. OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS. If you read this blog, save us all the trouble and follow 2 simple rules to avoid 90% of problems with Thisbe 1) return phone calls/emails 2) don't lie to me/about me. IS THIS REALLY SO HARD?

4) Family. Family. Family. Visiting family. Traveling to see family. Preparing for family visits. Attending family occasions. We love family, but we are considering entering witness protection just to get a few days of free time.

5) Engaging in the Great Potty Training Endeavor of '09. So far both sides remain entrenched, and no ground has been gained by either camp, but on the plus side, no lives lost. However, as we are entering into a critical phase of the Endeavor, all bets are off. If Thisbe is gone for another 2 months, it is probably because she suffered a breakdown and had to be sent to a "spa" to "rest".

6) Facebook. Yes. We have a problem. And we do not care.

7) Napping. See 1-5 above.

8) Drinking. See 1-5 above. Drinking also included a fabulous New Year's Eve Party and an awesome impromptu Superbowl get-together. Plus general drinking.

And for those of you playing along at home. We did indeed take the WK to see the Lion King. She sat through the entire thing, and absolutely loved it.* And now we listen to the Lion King every day. All day. For a total of (approximately) 3,782 times so far. Hoo-BOY. Do we ever love the Lion King! In some bad news: still there is the obsession with Bello. How we hate him. Hate him so.

*Cutest thing ever? WK brought her own teeny stuffed lion (now named Simba) to the show, and at the end of Circle of Life? When the Baboon holds up the Baby Simba? She HELD UP HER LION TOO. Ok. Sorry. That was way too "Mommy" of us. But still. SO. FREAKING. CUTE.

Today's Project: Finishing up some scarves so we can get to several other projects.

Today's Life Observation: In the words of Avenue Q "The more you love someone the more you want to kill them". Oh. There are some people I love A LOT right now. ;)

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