Lessons Learned

So. In the last couple of months, Thisbe has learned several important life lessons from rehearsals, television, the WK, etc. And we feel it is important to share some of them:

Lesson #1 (from 24): Unless you actually see someone die, they aren't really dead (and even if you see them die, they might not be dead). We think this is great news, in that we've never actually seen anyone die, so all of our lost loved ones are apparently just operatives in secret government cells.

Lesson #2 (from WK): Daddy lives at his office because he loves it there.

Lesson #3 (from rehearsal): Turns out, a curtain? Is NOT SOUNDPROOF. So why must you discuss INAPPROPRIATE THINGS that we can ALL hear? Thisbe's ears continue to bleed.

Lesson #4 (from a children's show): Grownups are sillies.

Lesson #5 (from The Mentalist): Messy women are great in bed. Heh.

Lesson #6 (from The Closer): Lawyers are very sneaky, and often evil. [Note: I kind of knew this before]

Lesson #7 (from PBB): A**holery is women's kryptonite.

Lesson #8 (from a director): Thisbe is too "ethnic" to play a role that was also played by Julia Ormond.

Lesson #9 (from our new BFF, Lady S.): It's Ok to be dead inside. :)

Lesson #10 (from Mother Nature): Mother Nature, like Karma, is a b*tch. It will be winter forever here, but we will experience a fleeting day of pleasant weather just to drive us mad.

Lesson #11 (from Hot Guy): Just because you are pretty, does not mean you should talk. Or interact with others. Stick with standing quietly so we can gaze at you.

Lesson #12 (from Facebook): Custom privacy settings allow you to prevent certain people from completely disregarding internet etiquette.

Lesson #13 (from a trip to the Aquarium): Do NOT go to the Aquarium on a holiday. During a school break. Unless you like losing all sense(s) of personal space, hearing, and sanity.

Lesson #14 (from an unfortunate mistake): Do not drink caffeinated tea at 10 pm. Unless you aren't interested in going to sleep until 4am.

Lesson #15 (from the WK): [The reason people talk] is because they have batteries! The batteries are right in your throat! (Here she also opens her mouth to display her batteries).

Today's Project: One scarf down, 2 to go, plus one hat (Gimmelgirl -you're almost on deck!), one extra long pair wristies, one special baby present. Might not all get done today.

Today's Life Observation: How is it possible that it was 50 degrees this morning and we got an inch of snow tonight? EXPLAIN PLEASE.

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Patricia said...

Glad you're back, reading your blog always gives me a smile ~ and I appreciate every one of those right now! Love you! xx