Why I am not a morning person

So. Every morning, during the week, PBB gets up early, showers, dresses and heads off to work.

Inevitably, he wakes up Thisbe a bit, and generally, we just go right back to sleep.

Unfortunately, in the short interim period between when PBB leaves and when Thisbe actually must get up (usually no more than 30-45 minutes) Thisbe often has very odd dreams. This one is from earlier this month, and is by far, our favorite (remembered) dream so far. It was in fact so odd, that Thisbe actually sent PBB an email about it, which is reproduced here:

"I had a dream this morning that you and I went to a casino. As we were wandering around in the stores you found a talking cake that "mates for life". You loved this cake and insisted on buying it, despite the fact that it was $4000 (initially you kept telling me it was $40). When you realized the cost you tried to return it, but the casino would not take it back, but you weren't all that upset because you loved the talking cake "that mates for life" (Note: the fact that the cake "mated for life was a huge selling point for you, and although no one could explain to me how/why a cake would "mate for life", everyone was very enthusiastic about it*). Then you wanted to eat it. I pointed out repeatedly that you should not eat the talking cake, but you just kept saying that it was delicious. I was also very upset, since you have been so worried about the economy and making sure we are saving money lately and pointed out that we therefore don't have $4000 for talking, mating, cakes, and you told me that actually, we did, as you have extra money in a secret account. At this point I got very mad and woke up.

So. A few things.

1) Do not buy any talking, mating, cakes
2) Especially if they are more than $40
3) Especially if they are $4000
4) If you ignore the other 3 things, at least don't EAT the stupid cake
5) If I find out that you have a "secret" account with enough money to make such a ridiculous purchase, we will be having a serious conversation, and you better bring some flowers"

AAAAAAAAND bow. Thank you, thank you. Yes. This really, really, was Thisbe's dream. And Thisbe was on NO medication or mind-altering substances. I know. You're impressed.

*What would a cake mate with? Presumably another cake, but would they then birth a series of teeny cakes? (Kind of an exciting thought. Yum! Teeny cakes!). Of course, there appeared to be only one of the talking, mating, cakes, so could it mate with a regular cake? Also, why would they "mate for life" How long would a cake live? Frankly, this dream raised many more questions than it answered.

Today's Project: Final scarf, then hat, then baby gift

Today's Life Observation: Someone who is totally unreliable, lies, and deliberately ignores you? PROBABLY NOT A GOOD FRIEND. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

A talking cake would be great.

Weef! said...

I totally love the randomness of dreams! It's like the time in High School when I had a dream where Dennis Miller was sitting in a tree talking to me. I still don't know why.